operation: reminisce


10. you start making crank calls from the phone in the operating room.

9. you figure out how to reprogram the new ekg monitor and set a new world record score for pong.

8. using discarded glove wrappers and saline bottles, you have created a mixed media replica of the eiffel tower.

7. you page a medical student intern to the OR STAT and tell her you need her to get a hamburger and fries for each member of the surgical team.

6. you vow that you will smash the cd player with a traction weight if you have to listen to the surgeon's favorite cd one more time.

5. you have a paper airplane war with anesthesia, using parts of the old chart.

4. suddenly, anesthesia's jokes are actually funny.

3. you turn the thermostat up to 80 degrees just to see if it will get the surgeon to operate any faster.

2. you invent a new game called "specimen, specimen, who's got the specimen?"

1. you come up with a humor list called "Top Ten Signs That This Surgery is Taking Too Long..."

Lynn Milam

god, i miss the OR!
  • i miss my post board volunteer days with 6 strangers that i eventually ended up to be good friends up until now.
  • i miss those times we (the girls) fought over who gets to scrub in on dr. angala's cases, just because dr. angala is so good looking behind those green consultant's mask.
  • i miss the smell of burnt flesh everytime the surgeon is cauterizing bleeders and tissues.
  • i miss seeing internal body parts, the peristaltic movements of the stomach and the intestines, the beating of a heart inside a rib cage, mangled omentums, amputated limbs, broken bones being put together again, kidneys, spleens, uterus, name it. now i am officially a gross person.
  • i miss playing the game "i've got the better cautery machine than the bitchy nurse!" because i work in a government hospital, we have to make do with hospital equipment that suck and most of the time nurses try to compete on who gets to have first dibs on the better working equipment, but it's fun anyway.
  • i miss the hemostats, the allises, the babcocks, mixters, scalpels, army navys, deavers, richardsons, rib spreaders, heanys, bulldogs, metz and mayo, t and ts, periosteal elevators, burrs and a partridge in a pear tree.
  • i miss those days when we would request for anesthesia not to schedule a case every 5 o'clock or was it 5:30 pm because we wanted to catch meteor garden on tv. dao ming su!!!!
  • i miss bossing the anesthesiologists to get their sleepy butts up because a stat gsw is being wheeled in.
  • i miss counting the sponges, instruments and needles.
  • i miss folding those damn operating sponges during downtimes.
  • i miss the effects of inhaling too much nitrous...ha ha ha adik!
  • i miss setting up my cd player before scrubbing in for a really long case.
  • i miss the feeling at the end of a case where the surgeon is suturing up and i'm thinking "i can finally have lunch at 3 pm."
  • i miss working with our surgeons back then.

in short.....i miss being in my element.


balikbayan_box said...

hhaha ako rin miss ko na mag fold ng sponges pag walang surgery hehehe

nerie said...

ayeza... onli in da pilipins...he he!

how's ur new job?

balikbayan_box said...


august 4 ko muabot diha sa NY unsa adlaw imo day off?

asa naman aimo contact numbers para manlaag ta diha hehehe

nerie said...

gihatag nako akong number sa bisaya yahoo groups. unta mag-kita ta :)

kofigurl said...

Hi! Liked and linked are almost one and the same. ;) I've put up a link to your site too, if you don't mind. Love your blog. My mom's working in the US too, but she's missing Durian city bad. Glad to know we have the same roots.

nerie said...

thanks for dropping by! i always like seeing things/blogs about or related to davao city. it gives me the feeling of being there...if you know what i mean.