bed weather

harsh winds gusting to about 50 miles per hour are howling outside my bedroom window, autumn leaves are scattered all over main street and i still refuse to turn my heater on because i am still in denial of the fact that summer is over. meanwhile i freeze my ass off as i ponder on what to do now that i have 12 precious hours free to be idle. i got cancelled from work tonight and i am praying hard that the phone wouldn't ring and i wouldn't be summoned to go to work in the middle of the night at this nasty weather.

i have a love hate relationship with the days that i'm not working. i love it because i wouldn't have to think about hospital stuff and i could just bum around at home. i hate it because i tend to eat a lot when i'm at home and when i say a lot... i mean a lot! i would be watching tv or reading and i would think about what's good to eat. a few seconds later i'm raiding our fridge and heating things up in the microwave. this is so bad it kills me! here is an example... a pandan pancake that i made at 5 in the morning because i had nothing to do but tinker in the kitchen while waiting for the laundry room to open. that's just me... eating pancakes when i should be thinking about how i'm going to fit in my clothes for the coming cruise.

anyways, let me be random and tell you about some stuff.

*i got my flu shot the other day, finally. after days of not being able to make it to the flu shot stations by the hospital lobby i can finally brave the flu season. the weird thing is that two days after the shot i am battling it out with the cold. so now my nasal passages are filled with snot and i feel bad for my major contribution to the killing of trees by using loads and loads of tissues.

*yesterday i drove joyce to her examination venue and showed her how easily irritated i can be. i feel sorry for joyce because she had to be a witness to my bad temper, i'm really sorry. however i wouldn't own up to all the fault. (start of vent)it was also magellan's (the navigator) mistake. if i weren't too dependent on him i would've yanked him off the windshield and thrown him off in the middle of I-195 in between the big ass trailer trucks with drivers who would give jeepney drivers in edsa a run for their money. i mean, i'm ok with being lost so long as were lost on a leisurely drive complete with beautiful scenery around, but i sure as hell have a problem with being lost in the middle of the interstate with those maniac trailer truck drivers threatening to claim my life. hayup na drivers kayo, napapamura ako sa inyo! good thing joyce was with me so i had to restrain my mouth, otherwise i would've been cursing like a pirate. so magellan, the next time we go on a road trip again, don't tell me to keep left when i'm not supposed to because i might just throw you in the middle of the freakin' road. (end of vent)

this is magellan, the culprit who's a pain in the ass at times but without him i would have no direction.

*9 days to go and we well be on our way to our very first carribean cruise. woohoo! happiness na ito!!!


brrr...it's cold in here

the walk home today was freezing. the grass on the lawn in front of the church that i pass by every morning was covered entirely with frost. my breath was coming out in a form of mist. god it's so cold it might as well have been winter. i looked at my car parked in between the honda pilot and the big blue lexus suv and wondered if i should rev and warm up the engine. it's been 2 days since i last used cuervo. part of me wanted to go ahead and start the engine up while my lazy ass was all against it. needless to say my lazy ass won.

i waited for the elevator at the lobby and realized today is a sunday when i saw the old man who ushers for the church mass every sunday. he greeted me a good morning and i warned him about the nasty weather outside.

as the elevator was taking me up to the fifth floor, i wondered what the hell happened to autumn?


here come's the sun

work is one freaking pain in the ass!

it's not the physical aspect of work that makes it a bitch but the people i work with that doesn't make it all worth it. but i guess i'm half thankful it is how it is, at least i don't get paranoid. you see i'm like that. when everything's nice and peachy and it seems that nothing can go wrong, believe me...something will go wrong (based on my experience). yep, there goes the proverbial murphy's law trying to screw with my mind. so i'd take things like this just to keep life interesting. sometimes life here get's too boring it lulls me to sleep.

but as they say, such is life. sometimes you're there up in the stratosphere... next thing you know, you're down in the dumps that no amount of zoloft can pull you out from. gosh, i'm talking about depression and it's not even winter yet! what is wrong with me? this is the reason why there are things called carribean cruises so that people like me would have something to look forward to and would stop whining about being so bored.

so in 4 weeks, we'd be out there enjoying the warm sunshine while the rest of the east coast is preparing to bundle up.