brrr...it's cold in here

the walk home today was freezing. the grass on the lawn in front of the church that i pass by every morning was covered entirely with frost. my breath was coming out in a form of mist. god it's so cold it might as well have been winter. i looked at my car parked in between the honda pilot and the big blue lexus suv and wondered if i should rev and warm up the engine. it's been 2 days since i last used cuervo. part of me wanted to go ahead and start the engine up while my lazy ass was all against it. needless to say my lazy ass won.

i waited for the elevator at the lobby and realized today is a sunday when i saw the old man who ushers for the church mass every sunday. he greeted me a good morning and i warned him about the nasty weather outside.

as the elevator was taking me up to the fifth floor, i wondered what the hell happened to autumn?

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