here come's the sun

work is one freaking pain in the ass!

it's not the physical aspect of work that makes it a bitch but the people i work with that doesn't make it all worth it. but i guess i'm half thankful it is how it is, at least i don't get paranoid. you see i'm like that. when everything's nice and peachy and it seems that nothing can go wrong, believe me...something will go wrong (based on my experience). yep, there goes the proverbial murphy's law trying to screw with my mind. so i'd take things like this just to keep life interesting. sometimes life here get's too boring it lulls me to sleep.

but as they say, such is life. sometimes you're there up in the stratosphere... next thing you know, you're down in the dumps that no amount of zoloft can pull you out from. gosh, i'm talking about depression and it's not even winter yet! what is wrong with me? this is the reason why there are things called carribean cruises so that people like me would have something to look forward to and would stop whining about being so bored.

so in 4 weeks, we'd be out there enjoying the warm sunshine while the rest of the east coast is preparing to bundle up.


weynweyn said...

hahahaha. sana mapasa ko muna ung road test ko. nakakatuwa lng ng feeling makapagdrive =)

nerie said...

sarap ng feeling diba?

kaya mo yan. hingi ka ng tip kay joyce kse kapapasa lang niya ng drive test nya. meron na sha license managasa...he he he.