new york, films and weddings

i have a lot of things going on in my mind right now. oh yes i do! you'd think that in between my job and the bore that is my life here in suburbia, i wouldn't have time to think about things... you're in for a big surprise.

i actually think about things a lot. before going to bed, while taking a shower, during a caloric burning session on the treadmill... i think about things a lot it's not even funny.

on a totally unrelated matter, have you guys ever tried sitting through my bestfriend's wedding and when harry met sally back to back? i tell you, it is not for the faint of heart. if your hydration status is not something you'd be proud of, do not... i repeat, do not attempt this feat because dehydration usually follows after crying your eyes out like a chinese mourner. but of course, i exaggerate.

i watched those two films just recently for the bazillionth time and it never fails to put me in a bleak mood. through the years of watching these films, i found that i've been rooting for julia roberts' character all the more and that i've envied sally albright (meg ryan's character) for the longest time for finding harry burns.

anyways, i've been in the city again a few days ago and i realized that going to new york somehow recharges my suburban batteries. as usual in typical new york fashion, we did a lot of walking again and guess who decided to grace us with her presence on the sidewalk while we were on our way to central park?

me and joyce posing with american idol fantasia barrino

despite the proximity of jersey to the big apple, we still consider ourselves tourists in new york and did what else but take pictures!

joyce and i walked a whole length of central park just to get to strawberry fields and see the famous imagine mosaic.

this baby's mom had a hard time taking the picture because the baby wouldn't look at her camera and was instead looking on our direction. in the end she had to ask somebody to take both their picture on the same spot i was sitting on.

this is what "the mall" looks like post summer pre autumn time. this is where they shot maid in manhattan and joyce and i were wondering which of those benches jlo sat on during the shoot.

the pond

this is bethesda fountain where we stopped for some ice cream just in time for an impromptu set from these indie artists who played classical jazz. they were really good and sounded like a soundtrack of our own manhattan movie. i swear, it really felt like a scene out of a feel good movie, except that our feet were killing us.

after the leisurely walk in central park, we hurried back to times square to catch the 7pm show of the wedding singer. yes the movie is now in broadway and it is 10 times more fun seeing it on the stage. the music is fun and upbeat and the cast was not a letdown. they did quite a bit of change on the end part though but it wasn't bad. instead of the real billy idol on the plane, they had a group of impersonators (channeling billy idol, mr. t, tina turner, cindy lauper and imelda marcos!) witness julia and robbie's vegas wedding. i really enjoyed it. it's one of those broadway plays that i wouldn't mind seeing over and over again.

here's something i found on youtube. nope i'm not the one singing but i wish i was that good.

Grow Old With You

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you.
I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches.
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growin old with you.
I'll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when you are cold.
Need you, feed you, and even let you hold the remote control.
So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink.
Oh I could be the man who grows old with you.

I'll miss you, kiss you, take your shoes off and rub your feet.
Need you, feed you, and when we play checkers i'll let you cheat.
So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink.
Oh I could be the one who grows old with you.
I wanna grow old with you.


Toe said...

Beautiful pictures... especially of Central Park! So that's the mall. :)

The changing colors are so awesome!

nerie said...

salamat sa pagbisita!

yep, that's the mall :)

weynweyn said...

wahaw...masaya pala sa NY! wahahahaha..kahit kelan talaga, nakakatuwa ang pictures! =)

agree ako, danda nga my bestfriend's wedding..ndi nakakasawang panoorin. :D

nerie said...

masaya...sana minsan makasama ka sa mga lakad namin dun. di bale, next time ipag-papaalam ka namin ke ate lilia ;D