no day but today

it was another one of those trips that wasn't given much thought and wasn't really planned for weeks. i guess it's much better that way. just jumping on an idea the minute it came. not thinking of small details and just letting things happen if they happen.

because we didn't have anything to do on a sunday and because we got tired of talking till the wee hours of the morning (saturday night into dawn of sunday) over red horse beer and pizza we dragged our sleepy butts into the city that never sleeps. once again our navigation skills and subway knowledge was put into a test. the six of us hopped on a 10 o'clock train to penn station unmindful of the little sleep we had last night and the threat of a rain shower.

the day started out sunny, much to our delight. we decided to watch a matinee show of Rent at the nederlander theater which is on the 41st street, a few calories worth of walking distance from the heart of times square. because we have enough patience to fall in line on the tkts booths, we got ourselves 50% off the ticket price. the catch: we had to divide into two groups. two were going to stay on the left side of the theater while the other four had to see the show on the right side. but you know what? we didn't give a damn because it's still is the same show you're seeing no matter where you're seated and it's 50% less the normal ticket price so who are we to complain? we had a very quick lunch and immediately headed off to nederlander theater.

the show was great. it was fun and sad at the same time. i got to hear my favorite song from the play (seasons of love) live, in which frenchie davis of american idol infamy had a solo part. the only crappy thing was the fact that the nederlander theater was small and cramped. the seats were too small that i couldn't imagine how a really healthy american could fit into it. another thing that was worth mentioning was my great desire to swat the heads of the couple that was sitting in front of me. it was bad enough that i almost got a stiff neck because both of them were tall, but they were all over each other kissing and necking at 2:30 in the afternoon, in the middle of a fully packed theater, in front of a vertically challenged pinay who couldn't concentrate on what was happening on the stage. i mean can't you guys get a room?

anyways, we still had a lot of time in our hands after the show. so what else would six girls on a no work day, amidst a sea of commercial shops do but give their credit cards some work out. i was good though, because i only got a blouse from gap. i was thinking of maybe slipping inside loews or amc cinema to check out the revenge of the siths and see for myself what's with all the brouhaha on this george lucas film but the girls have other things in mind. and so i just contented myself with taking a picture of the famous naked cowboy on times square as he was being filmed by two young filmmakers. he graciously played one of his original songs as people watch and wonder how crazy can one be to wear nothing but his whitie tities on fifty degrees of weather.

before going home, we had dinner complete with a bottle of merlot because we figured we need to celebrate a lot of things. like desiree's freedom from what we deem as a really scary relationship, the arrival of again another "sweldo week", knowing that we have friends even if we seldom see each other, our family that supports us however which way they can and for days off that are always too short and too few but we're still thankful for because in our very busy lives seasons come and go and it's difficult not to notice. one minute its winter, then it's spring, then summer comes along, autumn follows and before we know it, winter is back. indeed as the song goes:


spring has sprung

i love spring! i love the trees. i love the flowers. i love waking up in the morning or going to sleep in the morning (depending on my schedule) hearing the chirping of the birds outside. i love how the sunshine envelopes me with warmth while the cool wind still makes me comfortable. i love it when i boot my laptop and my desktop weather would indicate that outside temperature is from 60's to the 70's. i love how i'm able to wear flipflops and sandals and capris and short skirts and tank tops without worrying about frostbite. i love seeing all those winter jackets and scarves and gloves and thermals and snow boots all stashed away hoping (for the impossible) that i wouldn't be needing them anymore in the future. i love the fact that it's seven o'clock in the evening and there is still sunlight as i'm trudging my way towards the hospital. i love how i am able to once again do my walks going to the bank or the post office. love it! love it! love it!


a very late survey

i've been meaning to post this entry a month ago, but between all the preparations for the vacation (that was over even before i got used to the fact that i was on one) and my work which i gladly left for a while and halfheartedly coming back to, i obvously didn't have the time. so to whoever i got this survey from (i honestly forgot!) thanks a lot.


i am: excited and totally lacking in sleep.
i miss: my childhood summers in batangas.
i want: a new set of luggage.
i have: no patience for people who wouldn't finish their sentences during a conversation.
i fear: old age.
i hear: moonpools and caterpillars.
i care: a lot about homebaked blueberry muffins.
i smile: whenever i remember an argument my sister and i had about star wars.
i wonder: if i'm going have an out of state mini break this summer.
i love: the way my hair is long enough to be in a pony tail.
i think: three weeks of vacation is never gonna be enough.
i always: thought that love would complete me. was i ever wrong.
i am not: the cross stitching, recipe collecting, chinaware and bakeware obsessing, good housekeeping reading type of a woman.
i sing: a lot of madonna songs on videoke parties. he he he...
i wish: i could have the best of both worlds of my life here in america and my life in the philippines.
i keep: asking myself when are you gonna fall in love.... real hard?
i can: be a real bitch when provoked and when the situation calls for it.
i can't: find where my stethoscope is. i know it's just somewhere within the mess in my room. i just need to clean up to be able to find it.
i write: things uninteresting enough to make me sleepy.
i won: $100,000,000 on the lottery.... ok i didn't! libre namang mangarap di ba?
i lost: to a science quiz bee in grade six because i didn't know that spiders have eight legs.
i smell: just delivered chinese food in the kitchen.
i need: to stop procrastinating.