a very late survey

i've been meaning to post this entry a month ago, but between all the preparations for the vacation (that was over even before i got used to the fact that i was on one) and my work which i gladly left for a while and halfheartedly coming back to, i obvously didn't have the time. so to whoever i got this survey from (i honestly forgot!) thanks a lot.


i am: excited and totally lacking in sleep.
i miss: my childhood summers in batangas.
i want: a new set of luggage.
i have: no patience for people who wouldn't finish their sentences during a conversation.
i fear: old age.
i hear: moonpools and caterpillars.
i care: a lot about homebaked blueberry muffins.
i smile: whenever i remember an argument my sister and i had about star wars.
i wonder: if i'm going have an out of state mini break this summer.
i love: the way my hair is long enough to be in a pony tail.
i think: three weeks of vacation is never gonna be enough.
i always: thought that love would complete me. was i ever wrong.
i am not: the cross stitching, recipe collecting, chinaware and bakeware obsessing, good housekeeping reading type of a woman.
i sing: a lot of madonna songs on videoke parties. he he he...
i wish: i could have the best of both worlds of my life here in america and my life in the philippines.
i keep: asking myself when are you gonna fall in love.... real hard?
i can: be a real bitch when provoked and when the situation calls for it.
i can't: find where my stethoscope is. i know it's just somewhere within the mess in my room. i just need to clean up to be able to find it.
i write: things uninteresting enough to make me sleepy.
i won: $100,000,000 on the lottery.... ok i didn't! libre namang mangarap di ba?
i lost: to a science quiz bee in grade six because i didn't know that spiders have eight legs.
i smell: just delivered chinese food in the kitchen.
i need: to stop procrastinating.


nn said...

sa lahat ng star wars movies, pang-ilan na ang movie na ipapalabas ngayon? hahahaha!!!!

nerie said...

that is sooo not the way i remembered you ask that question!!

nn said...

oowwsss!! ako ang nagtanong kaya alam ko kng paano ko tinanong...hahaha!!!