no remorse about it

"time hasn't stopped for any troubles, heartaches or any other malfunctions of this world, so please don't tell me it will stop for you."
C. S. Lewis

this will be short and sweet.

people have differences. people have different priorities. my main priority maybe on the lowest rung of the ladder for some people but that's MY main priority, not yours. time is of value to me but if it doesn't mean anything to you, i respect that but just don't expect people to keep on tolerating it and move around their schedules just to accomodate you on a whim because some people would, other people wouldn't give a rat's ass.

but that's water under the bridge. i don't dwell on "teenage-immature-i-wouldn't-talk-to-you-stuff" because that would just be plain stupid. the world is too little for us not to bump into each other and bearing grudges is not my cup of tea.

on to the better part.

six days to go and i'm gonna be on board singapore airlines to be back to my native land of failed coup attempts. it's sad to come home to a state of emergency, but i'd take it any day if only for the fact that i'd be able to spend time again with my family.

so on the times that i don't update my blog, know in mind that i am counting the days til....