sleep interrupted

it's 4:45 pm and that blasted car at the parking lot downstairs that woke me up earlier with it's anti-theft alarm is still blaring. i wish somebody would steal that car for real so that it would stop disturbing half the apartment building's tenants. seriously.

so i am sick once again. how many times have i blogged about being sick huh? i really should start taking care of myself now. i should stop ignoring my need for sleep. my sleeping patterns have been so out of whack lately (even when i'm not working). i should also try to remember taking my vitamins daily and exercise more, because hey, that's what the gym membership is for.

because i couldn't take the irritating sound that the stupid car was making i brought my pillow and blanket to the couch and tried to continue my interrupted sleep. i figured the sound of television would help me get to sleep and ignore stupid-blaring-car. it didn't worked.

so off to shoprite i went so that at least i could do something productive with my time and bought myself cold and flu neccesities like tissues (which i'm rapidly running out of), otc meds and any citrusy fruit. i was in and out of the grocery in a flash.

back in the apartment i did a little bit of cooking, ate, took my meds and slept peacefully on our second hand couch. finally the stupid-blaring-car stopped blaring or somebody must have stolen it already and i couldn't care less. i woke up at 1:30 in the morning and finished everything that i've been working on my laptop including this post.

i'll probably be awake the whole day today, unless i take some nyquills. my sleeping pattern still out of whack, i tell you.


the tales of beedle the bard

all in the name of charity, amazon.com has purchased one of JK Rowling's handmade copies of "the tales of beedle the bard" at an auction in sotheby's london at a whopping 1,950,000 pounds. apparently there are only seven copies in existence and amazon.com was nice enough to share their review of the five tales that rowling painstakingly handwritten and illustrated.

i'm wondering if rowling has any plans of mass marketing this book later on, because that would be a wonderful gift to all her fans who lived on her potter books. if not, i only hope they would release high resolution scans of the book even for a fee, because that would just be wicked!

go HERE to read the review and spoilers.

(image taken from amazon.com)

a gift from nick hornby

so many weeks ago i got a parcel containing an ordinary yellow paperback. it looked ordinary enough that i could just toss it out on my stack of yet unread books and forget about it. i thought it was just one of those books that i mooched from somebody at bookmooch. upon closer inspection however, i learned it was nick hornby's slam. now why would i mooch this book when i already have one? turns out i won it on one of those book central websites that i chanced upon one of those early mornings that i was bored to my wits.

so now i'm stuck with two SLAM books. but what's great about this ordinary looking yellow paperback is the fact that it is an advance uncorrected proof. these kinds of copies are the ones that they give out to media people, book reviewers and such before the book goes to press.

anyway, what makes this book really special to me is because it was signed by nick hornby himself. yes! nick hornby, the english writer who i adored ever since his high fidelity and about a boy novels came out. how about that? so now i'd be re-reading this book again and again knowing that nick's hands has held it's pages (he he he ang baduy!). hey! it's either that or i'd tell people that nick took pains in wrapping and mailing me this yellow book as my christmas present from him.



presenting the macbook air all in it's 3 (or a little more than that) pound glory. shit! i really need to do some serious overtime at work.

watch the ad HERE or see the GUIDED TOUR.


another new year

the holidays are long over and if it's true that what you do on the eve of new year's is what you'll be mostly doing the rest of the year, then i would be travelling with friends and having fun. oh yes, more travelling is on the forecast this year. it's because new year's eve was spent driving to dennis' place in philly, watching the fireworks, meeting new friends and drinking booze.

to start off the year's lakwatsa, we celebrated dichi's birthday with a formal (meaning jacket required attire for the guys) dinner. it was at this nice little restaurant overlooking jersey and new york city. it took a while for me and dennis to find the place though, what with all the traffic and getting lost but we eventually found it. we were supposed to go clubbing in new york afterwards but because everybody was tired and rheza was sick we decided to just hang out at dichi's place and watch scary movies, sing videoke to our heart's content and take crazy pictures c/o crazy director senen. (pictures to come soon!)

the next day we drove to poconos to get our fill of snow tubing and skiing. we went to shawnee mountain ski resort. it was so much fun just watching the little kids ski their way on the slopes. it looked so easy but we were so sure it was more than our balance challenged bodies could handle. so we bored ourselves with snow tubing on shawnee's snow tubing park. it got so boring that the four of us (gina, rheza, dichi and i) stopped tubing and just took pictures and watched as the kids kicked dennis' ass as he fall on his bum on the beginner's slope (he he he). at one point i even told the pierced guy manning the tubes that taking pictures is way more exciting that riding the tubes and he was incredulous. he was very nice though because he even offered to take our pictures.

we ended the night driving back to new york and eating at our favorite vietnamese resto in 90th and amsterdam. after stuffing our faces with calamares (which i can't get enough of), cha gio, ca chien and the barbeque chicken, we dropped rheza off at her apartment, senen at the port authority to go back to boston while gina, dichi and i began our search for the missing camera which became the search for the missing wallet later on while dennis is driving us back to jersey.