sleep interrupted

it's 4:45 pm and that blasted car at the parking lot downstairs that woke me up earlier with it's anti-theft alarm is still blaring. i wish somebody would steal that car for real so that it would stop disturbing half the apartment building's tenants. seriously.

so i am sick once again. how many times have i blogged about being sick huh? i really should start taking care of myself now. i should stop ignoring my need for sleep. my sleeping patterns have been so out of whack lately (even when i'm not working). i should also try to remember taking my vitamins daily and exercise more, because hey, that's what the gym membership is for.

because i couldn't take the irritating sound that the stupid car was making i brought my pillow and blanket to the couch and tried to continue my interrupted sleep. i figured the sound of television would help me get to sleep and ignore stupid-blaring-car. it didn't worked.

so off to shoprite i went so that at least i could do something productive with my time and bought myself cold and flu neccesities like tissues (which i'm rapidly running out of), otc meds and any citrusy fruit. i was in and out of the grocery in a flash.

back in the apartment i did a little bit of cooking, ate, took my meds and slept peacefully on our second hand couch. finally the stupid-blaring-car stopped blaring or somebody must have stolen it already and i couldn't care less. i woke up at 1:30 in the morning and finished everything that i've been working on my laptop including this post.

i'll probably be awake the whole day today, unless i take some nyquills. my sleeping pattern still out of whack, i tell you.

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