a gift from nick hornby

so many weeks ago i got a parcel containing an ordinary yellow paperback. it looked ordinary enough that i could just toss it out on my stack of yet unread books and forget about it. i thought it was just one of those books that i mooched from somebody at bookmooch. upon closer inspection however, i learned it was nick hornby's slam. now why would i mooch this book when i already have one? turns out i won it on one of those book central websites that i chanced upon one of those early mornings that i was bored to my wits.

so now i'm stuck with two SLAM books. but what's great about this ordinary looking yellow paperback is the fact that it is an advance uncorrected proof. these kinds of copies are the ones that they give out to media people, book reviewers and such before the book goes to press.

anyway, what makes this book really special to me is because it was signed by nick hornby himself. yes! nick hornby, the english writer who i adored ever since his high fidelity and about a boy novels came out. how about that? so now i'd be re-reading this book again and again knowing that nick's hands has held it's pages (he he he ang baduy!). hey! it's either that or i'd tell people that nick took pains in wrapping and mailing me this yellow book as my christmas present from him.

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