merry christmas cuervo!

cuervo got into an accident again. yes, second time, same situation. i was driving back to somerville after having picked dichi up from her apartment and was taking the backroads of summit because i figured it's the shortest way back. like any obedient driver i stopped at a red light not knowing that an idiot behind me is gonna slam her beat up toyota highlander into cuervo's rear.

now it doesn't take a genius to know that it was the toyota highlander's fault. there's no way the driver could argue her way out of this. i felt sorry for her though, because she looked frazzled and told me she just got her driver's license. tough luck. she oughtta be more careful next time, not all drivers that she would slam from behind their cars are as nice as me.

so she wanted everything settled without involving the cops and her insurance company and i told her as long as she would pay for the damages, i don't really care and she was ok with it.

so for christmas, cuervo is gonna get a brand new hard spare tire cover. he's been a good car this year. always bringing me places, keeping me close with friends, helping me do friends a favor and always bringing me home safe and sound although sometimes a little bit frazzled.


weder weder

“Whether the weather be fine, Whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold, Whether the weather be hot, We'll weather the weather, Whatever the whether, Whether we like it or not."

we're going to the city tomorrow to watch an NBA game. the weather channel says, it's going to be nasty. freezing rain and snow with the temperature going down to the low 20's which would feel like it would be on the 10's for us. tanginangsyet! what a time to have fever and cough.

it started the night before while i was at work. i was freezing at the nurses station even if i cranked up the heat to 80. it got worse last night with the sore throat and cough making me miserable. i was thinking of calling in sick but felt guilty because i know how hard it is to find somebody willing to drive through icy road conditions. so i came to work feeling like crap and for the entire 12 hours i kept saying to myself that i will never ever feel fucking guilty about calling in sick again (especially if i'm honest to goodness sick), ever!

so tomorrow, i'll be bringing my dayquills, motrins and cough drops to the game. i'd be like a walking walgreens store the whole time. i just hope i'd get better tonight.


i call you on the telephone... but you're never home

i just love to hate telemarketers. i hate them so much that i keep our phone beside me and wait for their out of area numbers to pop out on the caller id screen. i then answer their call with total silence and hang up on them every chance i get. you'd think they'd get the message that you don't want anything to do with them the first time i do that, but they don't. so i try to tell them exactly just that the minute they call again, saying politely that all i wanted out of them are the call minutes that i use for whenever i call my family in davao. i would reload whenever i know that my minutes are not enough for an extensive chikahan with my sister. the operators, telemarketers, customer service personnel or whatever they call themselves in directline philippines (there i said the company!) don't have to remind me to reload.

i don't need any offers for any computers, printers, cameras, magic microphones, sacks of rice or whatever it is they're selling. i would go to bestbuy or the nearest asian food store for those things. i also have no time for people who tell me i won a vacation package to cancun mexico because i have things to think about like PTOs (paid time offs) before i jump into giving myself a holiday. also, i wasn't born yesterday to think there isn't any catch to any giveaways like that. you are talking to the most cynic person this side of the world, i mean, what were you thinking? oh and please, do not get me started with those robot sounding people looking for alejandro guerra, because I DO NOT KNOW this freaking guy!

another thing that irks me to no end is when they call and they'd get the answering machine and leave a blank voice message (he he patawa, may voice message ba na blank?). naman! that's what the answering machine is for. you hear the beep...you leave a message. if your call is that important that you have to dial our phone number every few minutes or so, then shouldn't you be leaving that important message? i'm just saying this because i'm tired of erasing forty seven million empty messages on our machine everytime. i hate that bleeping sound our phone makes telling me that the telemarketers are at it again.

i know these people are just doing their jobs. they probably don't like calling me as much as i hate getting their calls. but i am just one person among the millions of people that they bug everyday. is it too much to ask for them to effin leave me alone.

anyway, here's some funny shit from youtube. i wish i could do what this guy did. but i don't have his talent.