pre halloween post

i am writing this as i am watching everybody loves raymond so i may sound incoherent at times or i may just be saying this because i am about to write an entry that is devoid of any main subject. but really, i am laughing my ass off to everybody loves raymond as i type.

i don't know if it's something about my hair or the mary kay product that i've been putting on my face might actually be working or people i meet these days have just been extra generous with their compliments. a couple of weeks ago, i went down to our apartment building's office (which is just on the ground floor of our building) in my ratty sweatshirt and jog pants. on my way to the office i met this guy (also on his way to the office) who i know is the brother of the building manager. we exchanged hellos and how are yous and upon learning that the office is closed i proceeded to go back to our apartment in the 5th floor. to my surprise he went with me inside the elevator.

weird guy: hi, how are you? (that was the second time he asked me that question in a span of two minutes)
me: like i said, i'm good... and you?
weird guy: i'm fine, thank you.
me: what floor?
weird guy: ah no... i'm just going to sort of walk you upstairs. my name is (insert name here) by the way and you are?
me: nerie
weird guy: nice to meet you nerie...
me: did you just got off from work? (noting that he is still on his hospital clothes.)
weird guy: yes, it was a very busy night. did you also worked last night?
me: yes i did, and you are right it was very busy.
weird guy: (making small talk about things i really don't remember)
me: (thinking: my god! when is this elevator ride gonna end? why do i have to live on the fifth floor?)
DING! (fifth floor finally!)
me: hey it was nice to meet you.
weird guy: you too! and with all due respect, i think you're beautiful.
me: err...thank you! (and i almost ran the whole length of the hallway to our door.)

the other night at the hospital i was taking care of three fresh post op patients and wanting very much to go home and sleep in my bed. i was trying to check the settings of the PCA pump (a machine that automatically delivers the narcotics to the blood circulation on the demand of the patient) while my patient is making small talk with me at 3 in the morning. she was saying that i was too young to be working this hard and that i am (ahem!) beautiful. i told her that i'm already 28 and that she had to get some sleep because she has a long day ahead of her. despite the fact that she was under the influence of morphine and that some of the anesthetics they drugged her with during the surgery haven't actually worn off, i was still flattered. hayaan nyo na ako. it's not too often that i post narcissistic stuff here so just deal with me for a moment here, ok?

anyway, i just received a note yesterday from the building's office telling me that the whole parking space at the back of the building should be vacated from tuesday morning until thursday. i just woke up from the couch when i read the note and i was like "wtf was that all about?" they're not even giving us an alternative parking space for three freaking days. i have to find a parking space to squat for three days and then suffer the long walk from god-knows-where-i-would-park-the-car back to the apartment in bitter cold weather. good luck na lang sa akin!

speaking of halloween (he he he, wala lang talaga akong maisip na pang-segue), it is just around the corner. i am going to go to a halloween cum birthday party on monday. the prospect of trying out costumes for the party is so appealing but i'm thinking of just going as a nurse wearing my scrubs because i have to go to work from 7pm to 11 pm that night and then just head straight to the party after work. bummer no? pero ok lang, sayang din ang four hours of extra money he he he.

i will try to post an entry about the party next time i blog and i'll even have some pictures just so i can remember my first ever halloween party.


something borrowed

i swiped this from the blog of an old school mate back in high school, Bebs. can't believe he turned out to be a really talented biatch. i'm borrowing this because it perfectly sums up what i feel right now. i hope he doesn't mind.

oo. ngayon.

As of this moment, a baby is born and a suicide attempt has just commenced. Somebody's singing my favorite song and a gay couple is having sex. A heart is broken and someone's saying goodbye for good. A plane is flying and a passenger is crying because he's away from home. A traitor is being slapped and a loan is being paid.

Currently, I'm thinking why for the nth time, my thesis script was rejected by my adviser. Maybe I forgot a film has to have a heart. Or perhaps I just analyze too much.

At this instant, a corned beef is being cooked. A house is burning while an ugly guy is jacking off. Someone's buying a polka dot panty and a child is raped. Someone's negotiating with a hooker, a rich wife is paying her husband's ransom, a 30-year old bum urinates on a wall and a fanatic cries over a rerun of Ally McBeal.

At this time, while scratching my itchy flaky scalp, I wonder how in the world did I get involved with a wrong man again last night.

At present, an innocent kid is stabbed, a gold earring is pawned, a love letter is written, a cellphone is snatched, a call is rejected and two strangers talk on their webcams.

At this point, I'm trying to make sense of everything.

Now, someone's buying a new car, one's trying to get an ex-lover's trust back, a picture is taken, someone's planning to destroy the world, an applicant's on a nerve-wracking job interview, another blockbuster is being planned, a restless guy is in the subway train late for work, a loud fart explodes, someone's laughing over an old joke, a curly hair is blown, an umbrella-less creature is soaking in the rain and two strangers are in one place without knowing they'll end up together in the future.

While all of these are happening, my perfect someone, who I haven't met yet, is thinking of me, wondering if I exist.


usapang wedding and some other rants about relationships

i was listening to the radio one night (which i seldom do because most of the radio stations here suck anyway) and out of the blue they played the song all i want is you by U2. now i've been a fan of that song ever since i saw the movie reality bites.

hay naku! noon pa lang U2 rocks na talaga. and i really, really love that song. in fact i want it played on my wedding. yes! on my wedding....and i want bono to be my groom. he he he...patawa! may asawa na kaya si bono and mind you he's loyal to his wife. how's that for a rockstar? so on the premise of not committing adultery, ninong na lang siya sa kasal and he can sing this song on my wedding.

ok enough about U2. since i'm talking about weddings, let me just rant about women who "lives in" with their boyfriend and can't understand why they (boyfriends) don't want to marry them. it's simple enough to explain. a lot of people have said this time and again. "why buy the cow when the milk is free?" think about it will you?

now on to women who find it hard to end a really crappy relationship. eto lang ang masasabi ko: "what is wrong with your brains girl?" if a relationship is crappy to begin with do not expect it to bloom into something beautiful in the long run. thinking that it's not going to get any worse is stupid. something mildly crappy doesn't just stay mildly crappy or so i've read on one of the advice columns in a local newspaper. the writer even went on to say: "alone is hard.... wishing you were alone is harder." now let's all think about this and try to stop creating an angel out of the devil we know. people who'd rather be in a bad relationship than have no relationship at all are stupid. excuse me for calling people names but that's just what i feel.

love makes you happy yet it makes you blind to all the things that would make all that happiness fade when the time comes. it makes you crazy to the point of not realizing the wrong decisions you've made. it makes you stubborn to the point of being close minded. i just hope that we could all find the love that people talk about in fairy tales. the happy ever after kind of love. the selfless kind. the kind of love that knows how to wait, how to sacrifice, how to give. the love that does not think about what it could get but of what it could offer. real love doesn't give ultimatums, it doesn't make you choose, it always thinks about what could make you happy and it doesn't have to alienate you to the other people in your life.

let us all think about this real hard as i'm not the kind of person who regularly gives unsolicited advise. i've always thought that there is no nicest feeling in the world than to be in love but always bearing in mind that it has to be with the right person.