spring plans

spring should have been here already but there are still days that it's freezing cold outside. i don't see any buds forming on the dead looking trees yet and there are no stray dandelions sprouting from the ground on that open lot that i usually pass by on my way to work. it seems like its such a long long wait for spring to finally be here. i wonder when i will be able to go outside in shorts and flipflops? sometimes the weather could be such a tease when it looks so sunny and warm outside. however, the minute i get out of from the comforts of the apartment building's heating system, cold icy winds give me a kick of realization that winter may not be over...yet.

anyways, i have sent my application for the pediatric certification exam a couple of weeks ago and i think i may have to take the exam this spring which left me with a big dent on my debit card. the thing is i have also shelled out over 400 bucks for a two day class at Rutgers because i am too lazy to study by myself, leaving me dirt poor but with a lot more knowledge.

seriously. i need somebody to push me into studying or even just scanning the review book that i bought a long time ago. you know what this reminds me of? college days, where i wait at the last minute to study for major exams and rush for due papers and care plans. however, instead of daydreaming about cute physical therapy guys like i did in college, i'm getting all hyped up about wanting to get a puppy. yes, i'm crazy like that. in my head, i'd be all "i've just spent close to a thousand bucks on continuing education stuff, so what i really need is a cute pet that would suck me dry of all my finances." how stupid is that? right?

how can you resist these puppy dog eyes?

but yes! i want a puppy. even if it's impractical or even if the timing is not right. just a small caramel or cream colored morkie that would keep me happy whenever i come home from work, even if there'd be tiny puddles of pee or small raisinets of poop all over the kitchen floor. i am willing to wake up early and bring him outside in the cold so that he could do his thing if that would mean that i could enjoy his tiny cuddles and kisses and funny antics on a typically depressing day.

my friend D and i were talking earlier about bringing over our puppies together for a playdate as if we already own one. He called me on the cellphone while visiting a petstore and was telling me all about the puppies he was looking at and he sounded like he just sprouted a uterus somewhere inside his body (ha ha ha!). i guess both our maternal instincts are starting to kick in.

anyway, this wanting to get a puppy business is just a plan for now. i may or may not get one right away, but it is one of the things that i need to do in the near future if i want to stay sane in these united states. java (yes, that's what i'm gonna call him!) will have to wait for now while i still prepare myself to be a good mommy.


zsa zsa zsu

"some people are settling down....some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies." --- carrie bradshaw

if you're a fan of sex and the city, then you know what the title of this post means.

i just finished watching "that" episode of satc and i remembered how i had a huge crush on jack berger. as in i was totally crushing him big time he he he.

anyways, some thoughts on the episode. the saddest thing about all these relationship chorva aside from unrequited love is being in a relationship without the zsa zsa zsu.some people thrive well on relationships like that, hoping that even if they don't have the spark, they can still have a relationship. i don't think i can do that. but that's just me. i have this notion that if it's not there right away, just waiting for it to pop up is only delaying the inevitable. it won't happen and i think of it as pretty much wasting both of your time.


because i'm fishy

i am a pisces. i was born to become one. well obviously, given that i was born on the first half of march. i don't really believe in astrology stuff and horoscopes and such but i chanced upon THIS article on msn while i was checking my email and i found myself saying "paksyet! this is so me!" here are some bits and pieces.

a pisces:

...is comforting to be around. While not likely to be the leader, this sign’s presence is strong and vibrant in any cause they put their hearts into.

...make some of the best friends there are. In fact, they often put the needs of their friends ahead of their own. Loyal, dedicated, supportive and compassionate, no problem is too big for the Piscean to take on.

...is deeply intuitive, Pisceans can often sense when something is askew long before anything is said.

...is expressive by nature and don’t hesitate to let those around him/her know how he/she feels. It’s not surprising for a Pisces to write a song for someone, or to buy a gift that is heartfelt and meaningful.

...is intuitive and often dreamy, the Piscean is most comfortable in positions that bring their creative natures into humanitarian causes. Some good careers for this sign are lawyer, architect, veterinarian, musician, social worker, and game designer. (oookay! well maybe i'm in the wrong profession. although my instinct to want to become an architect when i was in high school was right on track.)

...is for the most part, not too keen about money. They are more concerned with their dreams and goals than with money. Yet, because this is often times a component to reaching their aspirations, the Piscean will ensure they have the money they need. They can be of two minds in this area. On one hand the Pisces will spend, spend, spend with little thought (are you talking about me?), and on the other hand they can become quite miserly. Yet, in the end there’ll always seem to be enough to do what they want in life.

...is a diehard romantic. Loving, tender, and exceptionally giving, this sign cherishes intimacy deeply. They are passionate lovers that need to feel a real connection with their mates. Quick flings and superficial interludes do not bide well for the Piscean whatsoever.

...likes time to sleep and dream in, mystery in all forms, romance, music.

...dislikes know-it-alls, the past coming back to haunt, being criticized.

so there. for the fishy people out there, you all have a good one! now i have to go back to watching sex and the city re-runs.