spring plans

spring should have been here already but there are still days that it's freezing cold outside. i don't see any buds forming on the dead looking trees yet and there are no stray dandelions sprouting from the ground on that open lot that i usually pass by on my way to work. it seems like its such a long long wait for spring to finally be here. i wonder when i will be able to go outside in shorts and flipflops? sometimes the weather could be such a tease when it looks so sunny and warm outside. however, the minute i get out of from the comforts of the apartment building's heating system, cold icy winds give me a kick of realization that winter may not be over...yet.

anyways, i have sent my application for the pediatric certification exam a couple of weeks ago and i think i may have to take the exam this spring which left me with a big dent on my debit card. the thing is i have also shelled out over 400 bucks for a two day class at Rutgers because i am too lazy to study by myself, leaving me dirt poor but with a lot more knowledge.

seriously. i need somebody to push me into studying or even just scanning the review book that i bought a long time ago. you know what this reminds me of? college days, where i wait at the last minute to study for major exams and rush for due papers and care plans. however, instead of daydreaming about cute physical therapy guys like i did in college, i'm getting all hyped up about wanting to get a puppy. yes, i'm crazy like that. in my head, i'd be all "i've just spent close to a thousand bucks on continuing education stuff, so what i really need is a cute pet that would suck me dry of all my finances." how stupid is that? right?

how can you resist these puppy dog eyes?

but yes! i want a puppy. even if it's impractical or even if the timing is not right. just a small caramel or cream colored morkie that would keep me happy whenever i come home from work, even if there'd be tiny puddles of pee or small raisinets of poop all over the kitchen floor. i am willing to wake up early and bring him outside in the cold so that he could do his thing if that would mean that i could enjoy his tiny cuddles and kisses and funny antics on a typically depressing day.

my friend D and i were talking earlier about bringing over our puppies together for a playdate as if we already own one. He called me on the cellphone while visiting a petstore and was telling me all about the puppies he was looking at and he sounded like he just sprouted a uterus somewhere inside his body (ha ha ha!). i guess both our maternal instincts are starting to kick in.

anyway, this wanting to get a puppy business is just a plan for now. i may or may not get one right away, but it is one of the things that i need to do in the near future if i want to stay sane in these united states. java (yes, that's what i'm gonna call him!) will have to wait for now while i still prepare myself to be a good mommy.

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