hitting the books

as spring is finally making its presence felt, my certification exam is also slowly creeping up to my list of things that i really should give attention to. so to jump start things up, i camped at a little corner of a borders nearest my place and started hitting the books.

it was going pretty well the first hour i was there. i have breezed through the growth and development of the infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers and have completed three sets of practice questions (yay me!). however on my second cup of coffee and on to the school age stage, all i could hear was this woman behind me, bawling (ever so loudly) on her cellphone because she's been duped by macy's. what the F?! i mean, do you go to a bookstore cafe to have a major breakdown over a bill gone wrong and have half the bookstore listen to you? no, right?

"according to freud, the latency period, which extends from about age 5 to 12 years, represents a stage of relative sexual indifference before puberty and adolescence." i think i may have read this sentence 37 times while the woman was whining on the background. that was how distracted i was.

anyways, she left a couple of minutes later still on the phone with her friend and it became a really productive afternoon for me since then.

so now, everyone on my floor at the hospital knows that i'm going to take the certification exam. i wish i could be all janina san miguel on them and say "no, i don't feel any pressure....right now!"

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