i make lists

do i have any plans of continuing blogging? oh yes i do! it's just that my days have been busier and i'm trying to focus more on one thing that blogging has been shoved down into the lower rungs of my priorities.

so since i blogged in bullets the last time, let me do it in lists this time.

things that makes me go yay!

1. a warm sunny day where i don't have to go to work.
2. playing with a cute puppy.
3. the idea that i'm going home in november.
4. good music.
5. a nice book.
6. mini breaks.
7. finding out that i've lost a pound despite not trying.
8. being able to sleep at night.
9. remembering a good dream when i wake up in the morning.
10. a quiet, problem free night at work.

things that make me go boo!

1. the last day of a four days off stretch.
2. whiny people.
3. a gloomy rainy weather on a non working day.
4. getting dumped with admissions.
5. getting stuck with crappy tv shows without any good dvd in sight.
6. friends that are not keeping in touch.
7. junk mails and telemarketers.
8. days when you badly needed to do laundry and you don't have any quarters in hand.
9. getting lost in the back roads.
10. people who do not mind their own business.

ok so here's a list of questions that i found in a crumpled piece of paper inside my bag. i don't know if i got it somewhere or if i've written it on one of my downtimes at work or in the train or inside my car. it's really random stuff but i like it.

what's important?

each day.

what do you treasure most?


fave night out?

my couch, a rom-com movie and popcorn.

what did you expect you'd be, but are not?


what makes you sad?

insensitivity of people.

what would you give your daughter?


what does the world need now?

a little bit more of love.



this post is gonna be in bullets, because i'm too lazy to string together sentences to make coherent paragraphs.

  • thank god we're done moving! we're beginning to get settled, but there are still boxes and stuff lying around the house but right now, i just couldn't be bothered.

  • our cable, internet and phone lines have been reconnected yesterday (yay for that!) by two guys from verizon who robbed me of my needed sleep before i go to work.

  • it still feels weird having a roommate again but i know i'll get used to it.

  • the weather is getting crazier and crazier everyday. why can't it just make up it's mind! i mean, my flipflops are all set to go... he he he

  • certain people are getting what they deserve. i just love how karma rules!

  • i want a mini break for myself.

  • i just realized i haven't read a good book in months now. i miss my books!

  • it would be a real treat to watch another sunset again.

  • i still haven't gotten around to going to the guitar lessons hannie has been bugging me to go to. i guess i'm gonna be frustrated when it comes to playing the guitar for the rest of my life.

  • i hate how i went over my free cellphone minutes last month. how did that happened? i have never went over my free minutes, ever! i guess i should stop talking a lot on my cellphone.

  • we're going to washington dc tomorrow to ogle the cherry blossoms...tee hee! i hope the weather doesn't get too cold. we'll leave in the morning, that's why i have to go pack my stuff and end this post....now.