the pacman delivers

i spent some of the time at work last night monitoring internet forums wanting to know what's happening with the pacquiao-morales match. good thing i was working with clarisse, a fellow pinoy, i didn't have to explain who the hell pacquiao is and why this match is such a big deal.

we were able to find a link to the RMN station doing a live coverage of the match. it sucks to be at work when all the guys at the apartment are over at ed and chris' house enjoying PPV on HBO. anyway, imagine our disappointment when the guys at RMN decided to stop live coverage because some network was probably waving EXCLUSIVITY to their faces. so we made do with some internet forum where somebody was patient enough (god bless his soul!) to give a blow by blow account of the match.

and so after 10 rounds, pacquiao won by TKO! clarisse called up her husband who was at the pay-per-view party and we heard how loud they've become because of the pacman's victory. i called up my sister in pinas to check if they already knew. she wouldn't believe me when i said that it was pacquiao with a TKO on the tenth round. apparently, the solar sport's channel that they were watching was still on the second round. sabi ko sa kanya sabihin kay tatay na humanap ng kapustahan.... he he he... you never know, somebody might still be up for a bet at that time.

so the philippines has again triumphed. i heard that politicians on different sides of the fence had set aside their diffrences in support of manny pacquiao. how sweet! (with matching rolling of the eyes) if they can be that passionate in their support for a sport that brings pride to the philippines, i just wish that they give the same amount of passion in doing what they are supposed to do for the country.


i got ticketed!

so what do i do on my second out of the three days off that i got? well get a freaking parking ticket of course!

i went to the bank this morning with my housemates jade and joyce to have some dollar bills changed into quarters for that household chore we couldn't get away from that we call the laundry. i parked on the side street beside the bank and completely ignored the parking meter on the right side of my truck as i made my way to the atm machine. i knew i should've used more braincells at that moment because when i came back from the bank with two rolls of quarters in my hand, there underneath the windshield wipers is a crisp yellow parking ticket reminding me of my stupidity. dammit! there goes my 18 bucks faster than i can say kaching!

so what have i been up to lately? i've been on a reading spree the last week. i was able to finish reading memoirs of a geisha before i went to the mall to catch it's film version and have finished terry mcmillan's how stella got her groove back which ultimately got me out of the foul winter mood i'm in these days. i have also been calling travel agencies for plane ticket prices because apparently i am going back home in march! so after a weeks of wheeling and dealing with travel agents it's gonna be singapore airlines for me baby!

another thing that's keeping me up all night when i am not up all night because of work is the new sims university expansion pack that i've installed in my laptop. it kinda revived my addiction to the sims 2. it's fun because my sims get to write term papers or better yet influence someone to write term papers for them, choose majors, apply for fraternities and sorrorities, choose to live alone or live in a crazy dorm, schmooze with professors and recite these funny sounding school cheers.

can you tell how i easily get bored these days? i've finished watching the season 4 dvd of friends last night, i watched charlie and the chocolate factory, christmas with the kranks and some hilary duff movie all in one sitting the other day courtesy of my friend's netflix subscription. she was supposed to get million dollar baby and some other dvd's today but when i went to get it out of the mailbox, the mailbox was empty and a note said that all our mails are in the apartment building's office probably because we got a shitload of junk mails that wouldn't fit into their tiny mailboxes. so i am left with nothing to watch tonight except for maybe reruns of conan o'brien (he totally cracks me up!) or some paid tv advertisement like girls gone wild (joke!)

so there, i'll post another update if something more exciting happens to my life like say i get another parking ticket or if my sims gets twins the next time they have a baby. sad, sad life, i know.


2005 in review

got this from HERE

Find the first entry for each month of 2005 in your blog. Post the first line of it in your journal, and that’s your "Year In Review"(note: songs, announcements, surveys and blogthings do not count. they should all be legitimate journal entries):

January: i survived the holidays!

February: can somebody please slow down the time? i am running around like a mad woman here (or maybe not, but i just feel like i am) in between trying to get ready for my coming trip to pinas, meeting up my old friends from way way back and juggling two jobs.

March: because i only have 2 more full years left to have the right to claim that i am a twenty something person, let me share with you this article which had been in my inbox for a long time.

April: and so the three weeks of sheer escapism came and went. i've been really bad with blogger lately. i know it's a sin if you've got thousands of things to blog about but you don't find the time to sit down and put all those fun and memorable times into written words.

May: i've been meaning to post this entry a month ago, but between all the preparations for the vacation (that was over even before i got used to the fact that i was on one) and my work which i gladly left for a while and halfheartedly coming back to, i obvously didn't have the time.

June: i just had a dream. i dreamt that i lost my key to our mailbox and i couldn't get any of my mails which happens to be all bills of credit cards, cellphone, utilities etc.

July: it's amazing how one small thing can change my whole disposition amidst sore throat, fever and cough.

August: first things first, let me tell you why i haven't come up with an update these past few weeks. the reason is this fact: "nakakasira ng buhay blogger ang trabaho at lakwatsa."

September: WARNING: a really, really long post coming up, filled with lots and lots of pictures enough to satisfy my up coming vacationless autumn and winter so help me god!

October: i was listening to the radio one night (which i seldom do because most of the radio stations here suck anyway) and out of the blue they played the song all i want is you by U2.

November: so halloween is over and done with. what comes next is thanksgiving. but before that let me just tell you about the halloween party that we had.

December: dear santa,

how was your year? i hope you didn't worked too hard. you're not getting any younger you know.