the pacman delivers

i spent some of the time at work last night monitoring internet forums wanting to know what's happening with the pacquiao-morales match. good thing i was working with clarisse, a fellow pinoy, i didn't have to explain who the hell pacquiao is and why this match is such a big deal.

we were able to find a link to the RMN station doing a live coverage of the match. it sucks to be at work when all the guys at the apartment are over at ed and chris' house enjoying PPV on HBO. anyway, imagine our disappointment when the guys at RMN decided to stop live coverage because some network was probably waving EXCLUSIVITY to their faces. so we made do with some internet forum where somebody was patient enough (god bless his soul!) to give a blow by blow account of the match.

and so after 10 rounds, pacquiao won by TKO! clarisse called up her husband who was at the pay-per-view party and we heard how loud they've become because of the pacman's victory. i called up my sister in pinas to check if they already knew. she wouldn't believe me when i said that it was pacquiao with a TKO on the tenth round. apparently, the solar sport's channel that they were watching was still on the second round. sabi ko sa kanya sabihin kay tatay na humanap ng kapustahan.... he he he... you never know, somebody might still be up for a bet at that time.

so the philippines has again triumphed. i heard that politicians on different sides of the fence had set aside their diffrences in support of manny pacquiao. how sweet! (with matching rolling of the eyes) if they can be that passionate in their support for a sport that brings pride to the philippines, i just wish that they give the same amount of passion in doing what they are supposed to do for the country.


sealdi said...

sakto ka!!!! and somehow they term is as the laban ng bayan or something. grrr...pati ang away ni pacquio politicized na kaayo, sakyan dayon ba...grabe ang marketing. mao kahinanglan siya modaog.

nerie said...

mao jud! may phone conversation pa dayon si GMA after the match...duh!

weynweyn said...

haha! napanood ko ring ung match nila! asteg ^_^

ingat ikaw lag! =)

nerie said...

astig ba jan? he he he... di ba mas gumuwapo si pacquiao kesa kay morales after the tenth round :D