i was sitting in front of the computer at the nurses station when the nurse i was working with came out of one of the patient's room with what i believe was an i-have-important-news-for-you look. "something tragic happened in the philippines!" she blurted out. in my mind i was thinking: "mother of god! what have the politicians done again this time?"

"come here, take a look. it's on CNN." she called to me.

and there it was on the patient's tv set... the wowowee anniversary stampede. such a sad way to realize that a lot of filipinos remain poor and that they would do anything, queue for hours even days and not mind if they end up hurting each other just to have a stab at luck.

if we come to think of it was abs-cbn really at fault for creating a show that promotes a culture of "pamamalimos" that dangling prizes of instant wealth and other promising stuff that would make life a bit easier have stirred up more hunger from most of these deprived people?

it's just really really sad.

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