something borrowed

i swiped this from the blog of an old school mate back in high school, Bebs. can't believe he turned out to be a really talented biatch. i'm borrowing this because it perfectly sums up what i feel right now. i hope he doesn't mind.

oo. ngayon.

As of this moment, a baby is born and a suicide attempt has just commenced. Somebody's singing my favorite song and a gay couple is having sex. A heart is broken and someone's saying goodbye for good. A plane is flying and a passenger is crying because he's away from home. A traitor is being slapped and a loan is being paid.

Currently, I'm thinking why for the nth time, my thesis script was rejected by my adviser. Maybe I forgot a film has to have a heart. Or perhaps I just analyze too much.

At this instant, a corned beef is being cooked. A house is burning while an ugly guy is jacking off. Someone's buying a polka dot panty and a child is raped. Someone's negotiating with a hooker, a rich wife is paying her husband's ransom, a 30-year old bum urinates on a wall and a fanatic cries over a rerun of Ally McBeal.

At this time, while scratching my itchy flaky scalp, I wonder how in the world did I get involved with a wrong man again last night.

At present, an innocent kid is stabbed, a gold earring is pawned, a love letter is written, a cellphone is snatched, a call is rejected and two strangers talk on their webcams.

At this point, I'm trying to make sense of everything.

Now, someone's buying a new car, one's trying to get an ex-lover's trust back, a picture is taken, someone's planning to destroy the world, an applicant's on a nerve-wracking job interview, another blockbuster is being planned, a restless guy is in the subway train late for work, a loud fart explodes, someone's laughing over an old joke, a curly hair is blown, an umbrella-less creature is soaking in the rain and two strangers are in one place without knowing they'll end up together in the future.

While all of these are happening, my perfect someone, who I haven't met yet, is thinking of me, wondering if I exist.

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