so the superbowl is over and the giants have won over the supposedly best team on the nfl. i never really followed the nfl, much less understand the game football. i would probably watch it if only for the fact that tom brady is playing and that he is super hot. (damn you giselle!)

the week before the superbowl, everybody was talking about it. people were getting ready left, right and center for superbowl parties. chips and dips and beer were running out in grocery stores. it was like a pacquiao-morales bout happening in the philippines only with extra helpings of testosterone.

and because you know how unlucky i am with my work schedule, i was working the night of the superbowl. i still got to monitor it though, because all of our patients thought that watching the superbowl game is better than 10 milligrams of morphine. so everytime i pop in their rooms, they were giving me updates on the game. it was only on the 4th quarter that me and the other nurse i was working with had time to check out the game. and what a game it was! coming from somebody who doesn't understand a lot about football, that really means something.

so yeah, i watched the superbowl knowing that tom brady is so hot he could melt underwear but somewhere between the commercials and the touchdowns and the sackings, eli manning had proved that he also has the hotness factor.... and that i could be his giselle anytime! (he he he)

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