what happened in vegas

las vegas was wild. it was so wild that two girls i know fought over a white tank top that was ripped from a muscled body of a chippendale and it only took one long island iced tea and a sex on the beach for them to do it. rumor has it that the girls drove around sin city with that torn tank top proudly displayed on the rearview mirror of their black rental car. i don't know if there is truth to that rumor. all i know is that it took a lot of self restraint for the girls not to go up the stage and rip the tank top off the guys themselves...he he he.

las vegas was addicting. lots of overtime money was fed on the numerous slot machines that occupied the girl's downtimes. those slot machines are wicked, i tell you. they would let you feel how good it was to win big bucks and then gets you spiraling down and leaves you reaching in your wallet for more. everytime the girls would hear "wheel - of - fortune!!!!" blaring from somewhere in the casino, they would crane their necks to see where those damn slots were. good thing nobody was tempted to play those slot machines lying around the las vegas airport waiting lounge, because it would have been too depressing to go home with a few dollars left on the wallet.

las vegas was crazy. it was as crazy as somebody trying to bump head on (and on purpose! may i say) into a really big truck that was innocently parked in the hotel parking lot. "bog!" was all she could say when the bumper of our rental car bumped into the truck and to think there were cameras around. it was also as crazy as a group of girls trying to defy gravity and getting it on camera again and again and again in the middle of a hallway in the wynn hotel. crazier still is when they decided to take pictures of themselves in every angle imaginable on the streets, in the cold night, using the floor as a tripod and getting a drunk guy from salem as their photographer. it was way over the top crazy when we had 9 people sleeping inside a room reserved for two persons. figure that one out.

las vegas was a feast. a feast on the eyes, because there were lots of eye catching good looking guys roaming around, it was more than our eyes could handle. there were also lots of shows that we could have gone to but our schedule was too hectic that it could only accomodate a chippendale show and a trip to the gay bar... he he he. vegas is also a gastronomical feast, because of all the buffets we went to. the treasure island dinner, the bellagio brunch, in and out burger, chowking, jollibee...we he he!

las vegas was over. even before we were ready for it to be over. i wish we could go back with more fun and more inhibitions left in jersey. girls, let's plan another one next year!

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