chicken wings!

last night, clarisse, her husband dennis and i went to hooters not for the cleavages which were all around the place but for their famous chicken. i wasn't in the mood to go out that time because i still haven't caught up with my normal sleep (as if i have a normal sleeping pattern to begin with!), but since we badly needed to stock our fridge and kitchen cabinets with something that isn't canned and/or instant and because a free ride isn't something i would refuse, i went along with them.

we did our groceries first and it was like we were in a race because it was almost 8 pm and the food store employees were literally shooing us out of the store by turning most of the lights out. a couple of stops more, one at an electronic shop where dennis bought a blue tooth watchamacallit thingy and at another grocery store and we were off to hooters.

we feasted on their sample platter and an order of what they call their nearly world famous chicken wings. now it's official. their chicken has taken a spot on my list of favorites. while we were nibbling on the chicken bones, the miami heat was doing a massacre on the new jersey nets on their very own homecourt. despite the double overtime, it was clear on the giant screen tv in front of us that miami is gonna win the playoffs. theres no use in denying that.

it was a bummer they had to lose... the chicken was so great that night!


Shawty said...

i havent been to hooters dili yata ko pwede didto hehehehe.. yeah too bad nets didnt win.. neighboor pa naman tayo hehehe

sorry na mingaw ka samot sa pics hehehehe cheer up. when i get home ill get more davao pics.. urrghhh samot ka mingawun hehehee

nerie said...

pwede ka didto oy! palahubog gud ka... he he he

bitaw wholesome man sila didto. pagawasay lang lagi og mga cleavage og mga kibot ang mga waitress... :-)