spring has sprung

i love spring! i love the trees. i love the flowers. i love waking up in the morning or going to sleep in the morning (depending on my schedule) hearing the chirping of the birds outside. i love how the sunshine envelopes me with warmth while the cool wind still makes me comfortable. i love it when i boot my laptop and my desktop weather would indicate that outside temperature is from 60's to the 70's. i love how i'm able to wear flipflops and sandals and capris and short skirts and tank tops without worrying about frostbite. i love seeing all those winter jackets and scarves and gloves and thermals and snow boots all stashed away hoping (for the impossible) that i wouldn't be needing them anymore in the future. i love the fact that it's seven o'clock in the evening and there is still sunlight as i'm trudging my way towards the hospital. i love how i am able to once again do my walks going to the bank or the post office. love it! love it! love it!


kars said...

oh! i love to experience that. unsaon ta man tag-init ug tag-ulan lang man ang klima sa Pilipinas. hehehehe

nerie said...

karina... karon lang ni kay spring man. wait 'til its winter again, kay malahi na pud akong dialogue.

thanks for dropping by!

balikbayan_box said...

mas lami lang gihapon sa Davao hehehe pareha ron ulan init piesta sa langit hehehe

nerie said...

tinuod jud ka ayeza. maskin pag bali-balihon ang kalibutan, davao gihapon ko. kanus-a ka uli?

balikbayan_box said...


december na sad puhon hehehe uban daw si mama og akong mga sisterhood hinaut lagi unta maka uli mi sa december the first time all of us will be going na dungan mi tanan. basin muapas na lang sad akong papa.

hmmm maybe magpakasal na ko kay naa silang tanan hahaha

is that good reason enough to get married?

ang tanong kay kinsa? *wink*

ayu-ayo diha!

Anonymous said...

ang saya siguro makaranas ng spring. hehehe! dito ang ineeeeet!