happy...happy... joy... joy!

summer is almost over and things are finally looking up. in fact things are finally looking better on the home front. no more of that inconsequential crap that kid's stuff are made of.

moving on to other things. how is it that that a lot more plans are being made for fun things now that fall is on it's way? like the concert in mohegan sun that joyce, gina, me and a couple of morristown girls are scheduled to go to. i'm sure it's gonna be a blast, add to that the plans of a broadway show in new york or maybe the us open. it's all gonna be good.

speaking of the us open, joyce and i enjoyed watching a really exciting game early this afternoon, courtesy of rafael nadal and luis horna and as i am wont to do, i rooted for the underdog horna even if i knew nadal had the game in the bag. needless to say nadal won in the fourth set but not without a fight from horna who had the spectators do a standing ovation on one of the awesome rallies of the game. now if only i could find time to watch roger federer and james blake do their thing on the court, i would die a happy woman... he he he.

now let me talk to you about movies because i haven't seen any good movies lately. that's right, i've never been inside a cinema for the last three months. lately i've become the stingy lady who would haul quite a number of dvds from the public library's collection because it doesn't cost a thing (just a few cents worth of gas). but i came upon a trailer of the movie stranger than fiction and boy oh boy! did it look promising. it has a very strong all star cast that includes will ferell, emma thompson, dustin hoffman and maggie gyllenhaal among others. i'm just curious because i know chuck palahniuk (author of fight club, invisible monsters) wrote a non fiction book of the same title and i'm not sure if there would be any problems regarding intellectual property rights and stuff.

anyway, here's a preview of the movie:

it's gonna be released in november, so that is something i'm gonna be looking forward to this fall.

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