a happy camper i will be

yep, you heard it right. i am gonna go ahead and give myself a break before summer ends. never mind that i still haven't found somebody willing to work for me on my "saturday on" at the hospital, or that i am running out of PTOs (paid time offs)... i am going to boston to indulge in some outdoor activities that i am so badly missing. and to prove to you that i am most determined to go on a vacation, let me tell you that i have already booked my tickets, ergo my credit card has been charged, meaning there is no turning back now.

so any suggestions on a good excuse for calling out sick? i will definitely need one.


jae said...

have a grand one.. :)

nerie said...

thanks! i definitely will :D

weynweyn said...

saya naman! have fun. =) tell them u have a very very bad "teeth-ache" and the only cure is to have a break and camp out. haha.

hey hey ate, i finally saw il mare..i don't get the ending and how they finally met but the quotes are sure romantic! hehehe.

see u around! thanks for droppng by my blog. =)