if mt. mayon can spew out lava, why can't i?

if there is one thing people should learn when they're trying to mess with me is to not do it when:

number 1: you are not my favorite person at the moment.
number 2: i am trying my best not to say something bad about you out of my really, really straightforward mouth.
number 3: you are hitching a ride and your precious life is at the mercy of my driving skills.

good thing i love cuervo so much that i would rather see "pseudofriends" unscathed than give him multiple dents on his macho body.

it used to be that "makulit" is a cute thing to be. well it has lost it's novelty for me. word of advice: do not mess with me when you're not ready for the consequences because the bitch in me might just be a little too keen to resurface.

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