at about this time i'd love to be in new york, what with the weather being so nice and lovely and of course the tribeca film festival kicking off this week. but i have to spend my weekend working, which is a bummer. times like these, i remember my sister, who i know would enjoy watching those foreign films with me. in a way, it's a good thing i'm busy with work because i don't have a movie buddy to enjoy watching with.

speaking of movies, i am excited to see the movie united 93 ever since it stirred a lot of talks after it was previewed at the tribeca film festival. i heard a lot of people were speechless and in tears after seeing the movie. i'm going to try and catch it after the weekend.

i am currently keeping my fingers crossed that G's schedule will fall into place so that our planned florida trip would happen. i have already set aside six days for the trip and hoping that i'd have enough budget to spend those six days on what they call the happiest place on earth. ano pa nga ba, eh di disneyland! the possibility of not going still looms on the horizon and i'd be totally disappointed if we wouldn't be able to go but the money i would save by not going would be most welcome.

so, whatever happens...happens.

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