ang utan na kayang bayaran

we were walking around matina town square one night looking for bargain finds at the mini tiangges that somehow came about like mushrooms in the area when we suddenly felt like eating at TAPS.

when i was in high school, the only TAPS i knew was the one on ilustre street or what is now known as duterte street. when i got to college and during my stint in davao medical center, more TAPS came about on different streets in davao city. i never knew that there was a branch now in matina where MTS is located and things haven't changed much.

anyway, TAPS has been serving "silogs" way before kiddie meals and happy meals were available in davao city. wala pa'y jollibee og mcdo niadtong mga panahona. that is why eating at TAPS that night kinda made me remember my high school days when we would troop over to the ilustre branch and order whatever "silog" we fancy just right after window shopping at gaisano ilustre.

so while waiting for our orders of lekasi (lechon kawali at sinangag) and primasilog (pritong manok, sinangag at itlog), my sister and i amused ourselves at the rest of the "silogs" on their menus.

me: miss unsa man nang tatosi?
waitress: tapa, tosino at sinangag.
sister: aw, abi nako'g naay libre tatoo samtang gakaon ta'g sinangag.

(katawa pud mo uy!)

digression aside, the thing that caught my fancy while we were dining at TAPS was their ad poster for what they call "ang utan na kayang bayaran". the intended pun surely didn't miss me.

the poster read:

Sweet Pikol Express

P10 lang - ang utan na kayang bayaran

Ang bag-ong pampagana sa TAPS nga tag-P10 lang: Pickled cucumber, onion, ampalaya, carrot & ubod. Tam-isun ug aslumun... makapaspas ug kaon!

things like these crack me up, but it surely makes me wanna be home more often.

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AYEZA said...

hahaha nakita ko rin ito when i ate at TAPS

kamingaw uy!

noreen said...

corrections: primasi lang ang order ko, walang "log". Yung tatosi: tapa, tosino at sinangag...hindi tapa, tosino at itlog...hehehehe.
may nagcomment na peter laviƱa sa bisayabloggers, yun kaya yung councilor?

nn said...

ayaw mapost nung comment ko kanina...c peter lavina yung city councilor may comment sa bisaya bloggers...corrections: primasi lang ang order ko walang "log"...yung tatosi: tapa, tocino at sinangag, hindi itlog...hehehehe...

nerie said...

ayeza... mingaw no?

en-en....i don't know. baka siya nga yun. sori gud kung daghan corrections, pinaspasay man gud to na post.