it's been weeks since i came back from my davao vacation. ngayon lang ulit ako nakapag-blog ng matino. kumusta naman yon?

anyways, i thought that 4 weeks of vacation was enough for me. was i ever wrong! this vacation made me realize that i could use up all my PTO's, my holiday time offs and add to that the days on my extended sick bank and it would still not be enough for me. i am like torn between wanting to stay in davao and yearning to be back to the life that i'm beginning to get used to in america. *sigh* i guess we can't have the best of both worlds.

now on to the things that i miss...

i miss playing with my nephew. i miss when he would convince me to stay in their room and play with him and his numerous toys and when i'd get tired of playing, he would become this relentless little boy who would convince me to play some more as if i was the best playmate ever.

i miss the pandesal nights when we would be trying our hands out at piling pandesal dough on trays and the days that en-en and i would spend tending the mini bakery thinking of hilarious names for breads such as "choco something", "pan de cheverlu" and "cheesy chuvaness", among others.

i miss hanging out with my cousins be it at the beach playing labo-labo billiards.

at the arcade hogging all the bumpcars for ourselves and irritating the guy manning the controls.

or even at the memorial park hanging out with our departed "mamay".

i can't believe how grown up some of my cousins have become. some have actually graduated from college and have their own jobs now, while the others have moved on to college. these guys are the ones that used to hog our computer playing counter strike and starcraft whenever we have family gatherings in the house. now they talk about their lovelives or the lack thereof over redhorse and chichacorn.

these little things i miss. the constant interaction with the people i've grown up with and the people who are growing up, with me missing the fun of it all. i guess it's the principle of giving up one thing for another. we can't have it all. that best explains it.

i believe i am getting senti again, so i better end this post now.


balikbayan_box said...

nakakasenti nga talaga hahayyyyyyyyy

nerie said...

yez, ing-ani na lang ba ko every year? excited pag-uli and then minghoy pag-balik?

balikbayan_box said...


ayaw kabalaka ing-ana sad ko pareha juds ta hahayyyyy

basin mu-adto diay ko ug NY sa july. puhon tugtan unta magkita kita ta

nerie said...

uy sige! nice na.