florida trip no more

okay so G and i will never be able to go to florida this week... boo hoo! apparently gina's schedule is as changeable as her mind is he he he. so instead of spending my money on some overcrowded theme park (can you sense the bitterness?) i'd rather spend my time going to the gym and get my money's worth. also lined up for my things to do this week (not necessarily in order) is to attend a christening, watch the da vinci code, go to new york to renew my passport, update my neglected blog, read the books i brought from the philippines, do my laundry and of course tidy up my ever disorganized room.

today me and one of my housemate went to buy some provisions for the house and decided to watch a movie. (aside: i mentioned that i was going to watch united 93 on my last post...well i did and i cried buckets of tears (exxage!)... i loved the movie but hated the fact that a couple of americans most probably in their 50's were giggling by the time the credits were rolling. insensitive. yes. end aside.)

anyway, upon learning that we had an hour an fifteen minutes to kill before the movie starts we decided to make tambay (how conio!) at borders. like i always do these days when i go to borders i, i got nick hornby's paperback of a long way down and settled myself on one of the couches by the cd shelves. after an hour i was halfway through the book. to nick hornby fans, i suggest you secure yourself a copy. it's an interesting book about 4 strangers facing varied kinds of problems who decided to end their life on the same night atop the same building. it's funny and sad with the usual hornby humor that people learned to love. i'd still have a couple more trips to borders before i finish it though...he he he.

now on to some things that i am contemplating about. o di ba? contemplating...big word. akala mo kung ano nang major life changing decision ang pinagiisipan ko he he. actually i'm just thinking if i should buy a guitar and continue to get frustrated about learning to play or give myself a bonk in the head and stop procrastinating about my pediatric certification application. basta i'm getting lazy these days that my mails have been piling up on my desk. i want to be always up and about, to do things this summer, to learn something new, to go places, to be on two places at the same time with enough energy to spare....alam nyo yon? i just wanna make the most out of every minute of my day and the exact opposite is happening. can somebody hand me a redbull?


weynweyn said...

pengeng redbull. hehe!

nerie said...

he he he...cge, hati tayo!

talksmart said...

hello..eould love it if you include my site as one of the blogs you read daily...:-)