puslan man

i was surfing the net last night and probably out of missing davao city too much i chanced upon this website, found THIS article and was magically transported back to davao city all of a sudden. although the article talked about the new bar/cafe conspiracy in quezon city, it mentioned of the only alternative art pub (that time) in davao city puslan man.

i remember spending one valentines night enjoying the performance of joey ayala in puslan man. man was he good! i was expecting him to do mostly ethnic and environmentally inspired songs which he is famous for, but he surprised us by singing acoustic love songs of james taylor and kenny rankin among others. i was with a couple of other nurses who had the same fate as me to be working on a 3-11 shift on valentines day (i know it sucks, but someone's gotta do the job!). there with me was jeslette, dichi, fonso, harold and saul. i didn't know how we ended up in puslan man, but i was glad we did, because that was the first and last time i was there. later on, i just heard that it had to close and it was a loss to people who loves art and music and basically a place thats different from the rest (because honestly, where could you find a pub that lists "nagtikangkang na baki" on their menu?) how cool is that?

the night went by, i realized it was almost 2 am and there were still a decent number of people left inside. joey ayala probably had the same realization in the middle of singing kenny rankin's "if i keep my heart out of sight", that after finishing the song he jokingly said "oy, hindi bawal ang umuwi ha!" we decided to call it a night after a few more minutes. while walking the whole stretch of ilustre and bolton streets in search of a taxi, i realized that the night may have involved a lot of red horse because saul(you should see this guy when he's wasted) kept crashing into sign boards of xerox copiers along the way.

anyway, those are the kind of things my davao memories are made of and i'm missing every minute of it.

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