a lot of digressions

i survived the holidays!

the christmas parties are over and the ball has already dropped. it's time to move on to other things such as going back to our diets, doing more overtimes to make up for the overspending we did last christmas, and just basically returning to our daily routine.

first things first. thank you everyone for the gifts! i loved each one of them. but it looked like the pajama tops and bottoms are the runaway winner because i got 3 pairs of them courtesy of joyce, zoey and dennis.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

anyway, one thing that i haven't gotten around to doing lately is read. i miss reading something other than the patient's charts. i have a couple of books that i bought recently and i just couldn't find time to sit and enjoy them. i keep on bringing a david sedaris book to my work but we've been quite toxic lately that i couldn't even skim a page. i need to read a book, a newspaper, magazine, anything not related to my work. sawang-sawa na ako sa Lippincott manual, at sa mga drug handbook nabobobo na ako sa current events. humihina na ang vocabulary ko.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

let me digress a bit. last night i couldn't bring myself to sleep. it must be the 3 cups of coffee that i downed earlier that evening. i did everything i could just to make myself sleepy. i surfed the net, i re-organized my mp3's and i tried re-reading the first few chapters of the catcher in the rye. when all that did'nt helped, i popped in the dvd of the first season of sex and the city. it was almost 7 am when i finished all of the first season and i still don't feel like going to la la land. what is wrong with me these days? it seems that my own bed had suddenly lost it's appeal for me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

just to digress some more... the other day i went out with a married man. but before everybody says huwaaaat??? it was just kuya eric, he he he. one of those who helps us get around because we don't have our own transpo. i was going to go downtown for some errands when he saw me by the apartment's lobby waiting for a cab to bring me to the bank. swerte naman he's also on an errand run, kaya i ended up going with him. on our way to the parking lot, we met another pinoy whose also a resident of the same apartment.

kuya ___(honestly i don't know his name): o saan kayo?
kuya eric: magde-date kami... wag kang maingay kay misis ha!
me: o nag-paalam ka ba kay ate tess na lalabas tayo?
kuya eric: ipinagpaalam mo ba ako? dapat ikaw ang mag-paalam sa kanya...

hay naku! ang kulit talaga ni kuya eric. wala lang. i'm just thankful that there are people i've met here that are always willing to help. before i came here, i have been warned to be wary of pinoys in america as they could give you the best version of talangka mentality they could muster. you know, people wanting to pull other people down. im happy to say that i have yet to meet one of them and i hope against hope that there's none in this place where i live. everybody here seems to be genuinely concerned of other peoples welfare. i just hope it remains to be that way.

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