no time for long posts today, as i'm on a long work stretch this week. so it'll be just quickies for now.

  • it's superbowl weekend, but who's caring? certainly not me.

  • i have something to look forward to 2 weeks from now, because i just might go back to philly to meet some old friends. i hope the plans would push through. i hope i could find a good ang believable enough reason to call out from work that weekend. i hope we'll have fun. tons of it!

  • it's tax season already. so what?

  • i've moved to the smaller room last week. i'm having fun rearranging stuff even if it means i'm losing sleep because of it.

  • my friend is bugging me to fly with him to europe this may. i'm not sure if i wanna go, but even if i am, my finances would give me a jolt and wake me up to say that it's impossible, especially after the pinas trip and hopefully the new car.

  • a lot of friends are celebrating their birthdays this february! happy birthday to mai-mai, dennis and jazz... and also to my mother! birthday cards are on their way, because that's the only thing i could afford...he he he (hey at least i remembered!)

  • desperate housewives has been racking a lot of awards this year and i haven't seen a single episode of it. pathetic huh?

  • plans have been made about watching the live nets and lakers game this week. i know it's mostly going to be a night out of the 373 east main "guys" he he he, but i'm hoping one of the wifey's could go para naman hindi ako ma out of place sa kanila.

  • lastly....what do you get by passing someone else's work as one of your own? what kind of sick satisfaction makes you "right click happy" and cut and paste your way out and claim that those ideas came from your not so brilliant mind? i thought about this after i got an e-mail from this sassy lawyer, who is the latest victim of online plagiarism. read how she's kicking plagiarists' butts on her blog. unfortunately, the screenshots are not working and i think they removed the forum where the stolen recipes and pics were posted. but anyway, to the guys on kuro.ph who were responsible for this act .... shame on you!

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