overload. this is exactly the problem when you forego blogging for the million things you needed to do and the million places you needed to go to. two months i think it was, that i haven't payed a visit to my blogger dashboard. so what have i been up to? god! i don't think i would be able to remember the past two months in chronological order, but i will try my best.

first off, i went with my dmc friends to this tiny island of nantucket in massachusets where we gorged ourselves with lobsters while celebrating senen's birthday. we rented bikes and biked our way around the island, stopping every now and then when we think that we are on the verge of losing our lives to oncoming traffic and of course for taking pictures (which still remains to be in dichi's memory stick). i don't know how some people ride bikes, but dichi seems to have a knack for getting beaten around by her bike whenever she rides one. a week after our trip to nantucket, i saw her again on a fishing trip and the bruises on her legs were big enough to shame the meanest wife beater in town (but of course i'm exaggerating a little bit...he he). anyways, here are some of the new friends and people i've met on that little trip we made to nantucket:

aya - thank god for her, i didn't have to do any driving except for when we went to her house to pick her up. she was behind the wheel from new jersey to manhattan to boston. she just kept going and going and even handled the situation when we got *bumped in the rear by a black bmw suv the night we got to boston.

cheryl - this girl is rheza's friend who also works in new york presbyterian hospital. also a certified bisdak who hails from cagayan de oro. she's so much fun to be with, gladly going along with the flow. she was our official photographer when dichi and i were "pseudo surfing" on the beaches of nantucket.

jeff - he was senen's guy and i hope he still is up to now (but i heard they're breaking up which is sad but hey, such is life). he is a nice guy who gladly gave us a tour around senen's condo and who made the reservations for the ferry to nantucket which he quite bungled up but really felt sorry for. hey jeff.... tao ka lang... you make mistakes.. he he.

art - this guy is weird in a funny, makulit, interesting way. he's a close friend of jeff and senen who tagged along during the nantucket trip. i felt sorry for him because he's the only one who doesn't know how to bike and when everyone was biking around the island he was by himself walking around.

so that was the first part of my summer this year. for some reason dichi still hasn't sent me the pictures of our nantucket trip so i don't have pics to go with this post. i will try to write about the fishing trip and the road trip later tonight if i don't get lazy and if i don't get distracted by tv. so 'till next post.

* we were on our way to quincy market when this black suv driven by a middle aged woman with a bunch of twenty something guys bumped us from behind. while we were idle in the middle of the road dialing 911, the suv drove away. now here's the funny part. we were all of 5 girls in the car and for some stupid reason nobody thought of taking the plate number of the suv. anong tawag nyo don? if the word "engot" comes to mind...then you are right.

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