i am so back

so after countless weeks of having a life i decide to pay my blog a visit and post something. a lot of things have happened and have been happening that i don't know where to start.

maybe i'll start with how i got to meet my relatives in brooklyn. how a death of an uncle got me driving from jersey to new york by myself. how freaky it was that the certain uncle called my parents in davao asking about my phone number and address wanting to touch base with me days before his death. how that freaky premonition moved me to brave the goethals and verrazano bridges and of course new york traffic just to pay my respects for the last time.

things i realized:

  • in a big foreign place such as america, it's nice to know i have relatives who despite the distances are still thinking of me and are always there in case i need help. i've always felt alone when i came here and knowing that they are just an hour drive away gives me comfort that i have a family here.

  • death is freaky and it will get you on the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected place.

  • there really was no need for me to be scared of driving in new york. i've conquered brooklyn, maybe manhattan will be next.

now on to other things. don't we just love summer? the picnics, the barbecues, the beach. i mean despite our rising electric bills because of my excessive use of the AC, i have to say summer is my second favorite season, next to spring. but then i'm typing this while cool air is billowing in from my open window and the temperature is in the mid 70's. if it went higher up to the 90's i wouldn't say i love it so much but it would still be my second favorite season. too bad it couldn't go on forever. anyway's a lot of things have been lined up for my summer. things like parties, fishing trips, camping trips and a road trip late in the summer are some of the things that i'm looking forward to. hopefully i get to go to all of them. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i could arrange my schedule so that everything would fall into place.

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