exit 0

i just remembered that even before i went with friends to nantucket, there was this long weekend that i went to cape may with joyce and iris. see, i told you i couldn't remember what i did this summer chronologically.

it was at the end of spring, early summer that we drove to the southernmost part of jersey. we had high hopes for this trip, this being the first time we are going for a longish drive. 3 hours by garden state parkway down south to exit 0. we had a nice sunny weather on our drive going there, but it was as if the weather had this devious plan to ruin our cape may weekend by sending his gloomy dark clouds and rain showers by the time we got there.

the rainy weather did not stop us from making the most of our weekend there. when the rain was pouring outside for instance, we made use of the time to swim around the heated indoor pool of the hotel which we had all to ourselves. when the sun would come up even for just a little bit, we strolled around washington street mall, looking at shops, antique stores and buying souvenir stuffs. when we got a little bit of a rain shower, we hopped on a trolley tour which took us to the usual cape may attractions or we would drive around ogling the historical bed and breakfasts which litter the whole of cape may. we also drove to sunset beach and armed with our umbrellas went to the shoreline looking for cape may diamonds.

on the second day, we headed off to the boat that would take us for our second whale watching experience. it was a nice enough deal because along with the 2 hour boat ride and whale watching tour they served us free pizza and hotdogs. the boat took us around cape may but because it wasn't the season for whales it turned out to be a dolphin watching tour. since i was on this trip with iris, it only means one thing... that this is going to turn out as a photo shoot of sorts. so while the rest of the group were inside the boat stuffing on pizza and hotdogs, we were on the top deck taking pictures like mad.

on our last day, the rain was really pouring hard, but it didn't stop us from driving over to the cape may light house and taking pictures on the top amid the whipping winds and rain. the light house is a 157 foot tower that served to guide ships along the coast and into the delaware bay since 1859. it took us 199 steps and a thousand huffs and puffs before we got to the top just to take pictures and marvel at how beautiful cape may is from a bird's eyeview and how (because of the chilling winds) were my knees shaking even if i wasn't afraid of heights.

it was a really cold, we got wet, nobody had any idea where to go next, nobody had any suggestions where they wanted to go and that is usually a surefire way to irk me. but knowing me i easily get over things like that and i am back to my usual self by the time we got to morey's piers and we were walking the boardwalk and people watching before we headed for home.

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