the peter pan in me

i've been meaning to post on my blog for the longest time but certain things that we call "work" kinda gets in the way. at first i thought that doing 12 hour shifts every other day was good for me. apparently, it wasn't. it just screwed my tried and tested sleeping pattern that was working very well for me for almost 3 years. good thing i'm back to my usual schedule of either 2 days on-2 days off or 2 days on-3 days off routine. yay for me! now i can spend quality time with my bed like a normal person would. you know, like sleep when there is no sunlight creeping through my window blinds.

anyways, i can't believe i haven't blogged about my recent trip to florida. oh yes! i was one of those fortunate souls to have spent 5 days away from the freezing cold. we were actually driving through the streets of miami when the first snowfall of the year in the tri state area was happening. how is that for a treat huh?

of course the reason for our florida trip wasn't only to escape the cruel weather but also to catch up with our college friends who are now based there. my god! it's been 10 years since we graduated from college. a lot of things have changed , but still more have remained the same. sure were 10 years older, were talking about taxes, mortgages and stuff, sexual orientations have differed but i still see us as the same kids who slaved over nursing care plans and tried their best not to sleep in mrs. veloso's class. i don't feel like i've grown old at all. i've matured...yes, but like peter pan i refuse to grow old. i'm stubborn like that.

in less that 2 months i'll be celebrating my birthday. i'm excited. i can't wait to be 30........ NOT!

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