life is what happens when you're busy with something else

these past few weeks was a busy time for me. busy in a fulfilling accomplished sense. you see at the end of the month, me and my housemate are moving in another unit, 2 floors below the one we live now. that means we have a lot of packing to do. if you knew of my procrastinating abilities, you'd be proud of me when i tell you that i've packed most of my stuff that needs to be packed. my cds, books, photo albums, out of season clothes and other stuff are all neatly packed in boxes and suitcases. of course there's more packing left to do, but getting a headstart this early is such an accomplishment for me.

in between the packing and going to work, i helped out my friend with his 'super secret surgery'... he he he. i had to drive an hour and forty five minutes to philadelphia to become his personal driver/travel nurse/slave. i had to endure 8 hours of boredom in the surgical waiting room of the philadelphia hospital, was mistaken for his girlfriend and later on for his wife by his doctor and the PACU nurses (which we both laughed about later on) and had to drive back home late in the night by myself (yes dennis, i am writing these things to make you feel guilty...joke!) oh the things i'd do for a friend. see, i'm not such a bad friend after all.

the nice part about it all is that i was able to update my calendar, fix all my schedules and was able to make all the calls that i needed to make in the eight hours that i was waiting for the "super secret surgery" to be over. now for some reason, these things i can't do if i'm just lounging around the apartment doing nothing. the mysteries of life i'd say.

anyways, the weather is getting colder by the day. freezing in fact. the good thing is no blizzards/snow storms in our area...yet. i am probably one of the few people happy about the fact that there is not much snow this year. i love it! oh and i noticed that daylight seems to be stretching until 6 pm now. i just can't wait for spring.


weynweyn said...

uh oh - it's not so super secret anymore. =P haven't seen you for a while ate neri - papatulong sana ako nursing care plan. jk jke. ingat po!

nerie said...

the details are still secret though! he he he... kita tayo sa sunod na party!!