deathly hallows

well, well, well ...it seems that all that anticipation and waiting and theorizing is gonna end in july 21. everyone is excited. well at least everyone who knows what the hell quidditch is or who has a bit of knowledge about the rise and fall of "he who must not be named" should be excited. it is afterall the last of the series. the seventh book that will chronicle harry potter's adventures in the wizarding world. unlike the 6th book which i read in a matter of hours, i am gonna take my time and savor every page and every chapter of this book.

oh man! can you tell how excited i am? times like these, i miss my younger sister and jazz and dr. dada who shares my childish passion over the potter books. i actually pre-ordered it from borders the other night and called up my sis to tell her that i got one for her too. which made her crazily happy.

oh! and borders is giving away snape stickers. how cool is that? i hope they still have some left when i can finally find time to go to a borders store. in the meantime, i have to force myself to get some sleep so that i could survive my 12 hour shift tonight.


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i'll mention you to ian.

nerie said...

linked you back!