toronto trip

WARNING: a really, really long post coming up, filled with lots and lots of pictures enough to satisfy my up coming vacationless autumn and winter so help me god!

air canada
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four days were again spent away from home as we went on our toronto trip. last thursday, me, iris, jade and gina together with jozel on the wheel were on our way to newark liberty airport aboard gina's car (god bless her soul for being kind enough to pick us up from our apartment!). excited as ever, we went in to check in and get our bording passes only to find out that our united airlines flight was cancelled. it was almost a bummer but not quite, because we got a later air canada flight instead.

the flight to toronto was uneventful. we arrived as scheduled and jade was separated from our group because she had to stay at her grandfather's house. gina, iris and me on the other hand, got ourselves a room over at holiday inn in downtown toronto.

morning outside hotel
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our first night was spent walking around getting shutter happy with our cameras as we tried to burn the calories we got from eating a heavy vietnamese dinner. we kept walking and walking until we got to what seems to be the most happening place in toronto. a lot of people were out partying that thursday night but we weren't really in the mood, so we just kept walking until we found ourselves back in our hotel.

day 2 was the day we were going to niagara. we booked ourselves for a day tour to niagara falls. we were the first ones to be picked up by our tour bus. a lot of other tourists from nearby hotels who also booked for the tour were picked up one after another. our group were a mixed lot. there were old couples from england, a single guy from new zealand, two young chinese girls, a young couple from i don't know where, an old petite woman and a lot more others i never really got to interact with.

niagara falls
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upon reaching niagara and getting a glimpse of the falls, i only had one adjective in mind. BREATHTAKING! ang ganda niya, promise! it was nature at it's best but marred by commercialization. i don't know, but i primarily went there for the nature trip but never really got what i wanted. maybe it's just me, but all those big hotel buildings, commercial establishments and restaurants kinda ruined the character of the falls.

maid of the mist ride
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but despite my qualms
about it, i honestly enjoyed the falls, especially the ride aboard the maid of the mist. it was one thing to see the falls from afar but its a different one all together to see it and feel it's power a few feet away. they provided us with raincoats to protect us from getting wet from the mist. at first i kept holding on to the hood of the coat to keep myself from getting wet but then later on i took off the coat and enjoyed the mist of the niagara falls.

we started day 3 by riding the wrong tour bus, but instead of getting off of it, we just enjoyed the ride and took pictures as we pleased.

casa loma
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yes, we are crazy! day 3 was also spent taking an elevator ride to the top of the CN Tower, the worlds tallest free standing building and if that wasn't enough, we went further by taking another exterior high speed elevator ride to it's top most part... the SkyPod. we also went to an ancient castle called Casa Loma, where a lot of hollywood movies had been filmed.

our fourth and last day we didn't do much. we just went to the toronto city hall where some sort of a parade was being held and we just took a lot of pictures because obviously kina-career na talaga ni iris ang pagiging kodaker.

city hall
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on our way to the airport, lahat kami mabibigat ang mga paa. our vacation was finally over. after four days, we are going back to the usual grind. this could be my last out of state trip this year, as i have to keep tabs on my finances. the fall and the winter months are coming anyway, so i'd have more time doing things that i've taken for granted because of my busy summer schedule. like reading the books that i've bought, cleaning my room, trying to make sense of the stuff in my filing cabinet, finally making that appointment for my 401K and of course updating my blog.


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