an update... finally!

first things first, let me tell you why i haven't come up with an update these past few weeks. the reason is this fact: "nakakasira ng buhay blogger ang trabaho at lakwatsa." totoo yan pramis! the only reason why i could blog right now is because i was cancelled from work tonight (yay!).

although i am still on call, i don't care because i still have those precious 8 hours that i could spend tending to the important things that i've left undone. like tidying up my room which slowly looks like an amazon jungle by the day; altering the length of the scrubs that i ordered weeks and weeks ago (i'd have to say my mananahi skills are really improving!); sort through all the mail that have piled up, and of course give the two people that cared to read my blog a lengthy update they deserve. let's just hope i don't end up being called in by the hospital before i'm done with all those things.

(saved post as draft because i had to get the damn phone.)

to continue.... because life has a way of kicking you in the shins whenever it feels like it, i was called in to work at 10:30 pm after bragging about how i have all the time in the world to do stuff. how crazy is that? i am now typing this at the nurses station five and a half hours after i was done admitting a patient. one call from the other nurse who i was scheduled to be working with and there goes my scrub suit sewing and mail sorting plans flying out of the window.

joyce, me and iris chillin' out at the original Cheers bar

anyways, i never got to blog about my trip to boston with two of my friends. yes, my half hearted plan of going to boston did push through. we spent a long weekend there doing touristy things, like going on a whale watch, getting bored in museums, shopping for souvenirs and visiting harvard. it was fun to say the least. i got to experience my first ever whale sighting. ang galing! i would've been contented with just seeing their water blows and their tails, but no, the whales have prepared something better than that. they were game enough to show us some back flips which is termed "breaching" in whale speak. according to the whale watch guide, that was the first time those whales ever did it this season. are we just lucky or what? i was able to capture a few seconds worth of video of that event but since i'm no geek, i wouldn't know how to put it on this blog, so just believe me when i say i've seen it. end of story.

o ayan! buntot ng isang humpback whale courtesy of iris' cam

on our third and last day in boston, i decided to skip another trip to a museum and head back to harvard campus alone. my mission: to return the hoodie jacket i bought in exchange of a smaller size. despite my utter lack of sense of direction i made it to the store just fine and since i still have a couple of hours to spare, i spent it browsing through books inside the harvard coop bookstore. they were on sale! so imagine my ecstasy as i was clutching one book after the other as i made my way to the check outs.

on my way back to the hotel aboard the red T line, i realized that i enjoy being alone a lot. i like the feeling of being in a new place and trying to blend with the locals. i savor every moment where i could be independent and just be myself. maybe that's the reason why i get excited at the prospect of travelling. i like trying out new things. give me a day off and i'd be itching to get out of the house, even if it's just to run some errands.

so the boston trip is over. i'm giving myself three weeks rest (if you could call working at the hospital as rest) and i'm off again to yet another trip. this time ibang bansa naman. o di ba sosyal! akala mo kung saang lupalop, sa canada lang pala. whatever! considered pa ring ibang bansa yun. if it pushes through, i'll be spending a long weekend there with gina, iris and jade. i just hope we would have a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

well, i enjoyed ur colorful stories but then im soooo inggit of ur boston trip....i should've been there but sorry for me, next time sama na ko talaga ha! nway, after reading the first few sentences of ur recent blog i said to me self "im going to ask neri to alter some of the pants that i bought na mahahaba for me..then...tinawag na sya sa hospital,,hay naku sana i cud experience ur sewing capabilities which i dont have myself...hehehe, musta. i really enjoy ur blogs!

shawi said...

si shawi ung ng comment sa itaas,hehehe

nerie said...

hoy shawi... ganon??? gawin ba akong tailoring??? sige i-padala mo dito 10 dollars per pants... he he he joke!