hogwarts is mourning

i was at a dilemma last saturday, july 16. i was supposed to stay at home get some sleep and await the coming of the delivery man. but no, my friends have other things planned. they were to pick me up at 8 o'clock in the morning, get to morristown to wake up gina, drive to philly to pick dennis up, get lost along the way, drive to lancaster to meet old friends from DMC and all the while i am without sleep and wanting so much to get my hands on the Harry Potter book.

but since Harry can wait, i went with melinda, bajeck and gina to yet another one of our road trips that happens not so often. once again nag-feeling bum na naman kaming lahat the whole weekend. andaming nagyari, andaming kwentong siguradong mauulit-ulit pag nagkita-kita na ulit kami. ayan kami sa picture, feeling nasa chocolate factory ni willy wonka which is actually Hershey's Chocolate World in lancaster, sayang walang mga oompa loompa.

anyway, this is my Half Blood Prince post so enough of my lakwatsas. the next day after coming home from my road trip with the girls, i drove myself to the post office to get my copy of HBP. since i wasn't around when they were supposed to deliver it, i had to pick it up myself. when i handed the lady at the post office my pick up stub she automatically knew that it was a Harry Potter book.

post office lady: ooh another potter fan... you're late!
me: i know, i had a problem with my broomstick.
(na amuse yung babae)
pol: you should get yourself one of those firebolts.
me: i really should, but i don't have enough galleons.
pol: well, i hope you enjoy reading your book.
me: i will. thank you! you have a nice day!

so on with the book. it had the saddest ending among the series. i can't believe rowling would do such a thing. pages after i've read the part where the avada kedavra curse was used, i was still hoping to find something that would tell me that some reversal of sorts could be done. i was in denial. i was wishing that dumbledore would do a gandalf. but he didn't.

oh and the half blood prince! who would've thought it would be snape? that scheming, greasy haired professor. but a a lot of theories have been going around that snape did as dumbledore wishes. but still! anyway, maybe it's just me but i find chapter twenty six (THE CAVE)kinda LOTRish. you know, the part where the company was trying to get to the mines of moria and Gandalf was trying to find the door from a blank wall...the similarity is uncanny.

i actually read the book at work, in between anwering the call bells of the patients, giving their medicine and taking their vitals and i tell you, it's not a good thing to do. i am going to re-read it without interruptions this time and once again marvel at how these series of books is making a lot of waves to people of different ages. i wonder how many times would i read it before book 7 is released? man, it's gonna be the longest 2 years of my life.


nn said...

shit oi, spoiler! hmp! ;(

nerie said...

sorry...i was gonna warn you about this post. hindi kita ma-contact last night. i will send you a book courtesy of clarisse, but it won't be till september. meanwhile, make do with the one circulating on the internet... he he he!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

tingin mo papatulan ko yan? at mag-aaksaya pa ako ng $5. asar ka sa umaga ko, alam mo ba?

toxic ako kagabi, wag mo akong ginaganyan!

--mataray ang lola