something wonderful

it's amazing how one small thing can change my whole disposition amidst sore throat, fever and cough. all the while i thought ibuprofen caplets were the only ones that would get me through the day pain free, but there was definitely something better than that. something wonderful happened in a matter of time. i hope i'm not just getting ahead of things and believe that God really answers most of my prayers. i'm keeping my fingers crossed anyways.

now let me digress.....because jerry reminded me of this song while going through his blog , i went through old david benoit cds and since then track 3 of his "this side up" album has been repeatedly playing on my radio. a major last song syndrome i tell you. i've been humming it at work, while doing the grocery and even yesterday while playing bowling and billiards.

Land of the Loving

Deep in your eyes is a promise
Love can be ours if we want it
Starting tonight ev'ry dream I ever knew
Here in your arms I'm believing
Fin'lly my life has a meaning of its own
Here in the land of loving I am home

I was alone in the city
Searchin' for someone to find me
cold empty nights and a million strangers' eyes
Here in your arms I'm beginning
To leave behind all the loneliness I knew
Here in the land of loving there is you.

In this simple room magic is made
Though the world seems unchanged
Leave the lights on I'm a bit afraid
This might be just a sweet dream.

Deep in the night love is growing
Though I had no way of knowing
That when I found you I found ev'rything I need
Here in your love I'll be staying
Fin'lly my life won't be living all alone
Here in the land of the loving I am home.


jerry said...

nice song isn't it.

nerie said...

absolutely! parang isinulat sya with ME in mind. ha ha ha! sensha na nagfi-feelingera na naman ako.