how to deal

got this in my inbox and i'm posting it here even though it is very anti-valentines day because goddammit this is what has helped me get over the dude.

1. put away all CDs of any meaning to you and the now "insignificant other" for the next 2-3 months.

2. do not hang out with any girlfriends who will potentially give you the "i-told-you-so" speech…its the last thing you need right now.

3. but don’t hang out with semi-psychotic girls who are vengeance happy and will sit with you to devise plans of pouring acid on your ex’s car and stuff like that…nor friends who are currently deliriously happy in love who will sympathize with you but make you bitter at your own situation

4. if the ex was truly a major bigtime jerk, enlarge his pic and buy a box of darts

5. learn your lesson. if he was a bad guy, now you have more fine-tuned bullshit detector, learn to use it the next time around.

6. eat. don’t binge, just eat healthy. the successive rounds of anorexia and tears isnt healthy for you.

7. repeat your story over and over and over again to your understanding friends. the repetition will hence bore you and the whole miserable incident will seem far far less important than many other things wonderful in your life.

8. know in your heart that you gave it your best in the relationship and that in the total scheme of things, you are absolutely fabulous…so…HIS LOSS! wahahaha

9. buy a book of spells and turn him into a toad. wait…he’s already a toad! hehe

10. MOVE ON. nuff said!

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Ogre999 said...

1. Love yourself so others can see how to love you.
2. realize that like most correct answers in life this is really simple
3. realize I said simple ...not easy
4. ride it out and when you get there like most correct things you will realize it unexpected but when you do ...no one will ever be able to take it from you again.