winter weather advisory: pain on the horizon

another snowstorm hit the east coast yesterday but instead of staying at home and grumbling that there's nothing to do, we drove over to pennsylvania at the poconos mountains to don our skis and hit the slopes. yes it was crazy driving the freeways on a weather like that, but doing it with friends makes it crazy fun.

it was already sundown when we arrived at the ski resort because we were trudging along the highway like sleepy turtles but we had the perfect weather for skiing. ok, maybe not, because it was snowing like crazy and was really really cold, but at least we had a fresh layer of powder on the ground.

we were supposed to take legitimate ski lessons because it was a first time for us girls, but because we arrived late, no more lessons were available. however that didn't stop us from renting skis and making fools of ourselves on the slopes. we made do with whatever ski knowledge the two guys who were with us could give but most of the time we were on our own. when it was our turn on the lifts, each one of us dropped like fallen dominoes because we didn't know how to land properly on our skis. we probably looked funny as hell, but we didn't care because lots of people were also falling on their asses everywhere you turn.

after about two hours of struggling with our skis, i would say that we had seen some improvement. i for one was able to ski down a slope without falling on my face and was able to stop on my tracks without resorting to using my ass as brakes. yay me! winter olympics here i come! he he he.

it was a fun weekend all in all, but it wasn't without a drawback. right now i am actually typing this post with very sore wrists and arms and legs... make that sore body. i was coughing all throughout the more than an hour drive back to new jersey. i was so tired i slept for 10 hours straight when i got back home. will i be donning skis again anytime soon? hell yeah! we have another trip planned next weekend off or maybe on february. pain? bring it on.

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