this is me rambling

third week into october and i don't feel like it's fall yet. the sun is happily shining it's bright rays outside and the temperature is well off into the 70's. yesterday, it was raining like it's springtime. the only thing that reminds me that it's autumn are the changing colors of the leaves which looks magnificent and which makes longish drives bearable. i'm not complaining about the nice warm autumn we're having. i'm just worried that this might stretch winter this year. a friend was even joking that we might not get any snowfall until april. i think the guy who's got the controls for the weather is vacationing somewhere in the bahamas. that, or he's got something up his sleeves come winter time. please god...no.

i am pissed right now with the way our schedule for the next 4 weeks came out. everything was messed up. i was given holiday time on a day that i didn't want holiday time and was scheduled to work on thanksgiving when i requested to take time off on that day. it would've been ok if they told me earlier that they couldn't grant me my requested days, but no they kept holding off putting the schedule out for reasons only known to them. those witches! so there goes my plans for black friday shopping spree up in smokes thank you very much.

it's saturday and i am home. lounging around, watching old movies on tv and waiting for kuya erwin to pick up my balikbayan boxes and hoping it will reach davao before christmas. i've done three loads of laundry, folded them and now they're waiting to be put into their proper cabinets and drawers. now this is what kills me with doing laundry. i am ok with loading my clothes on the washers and dryers and i am even good with folding them neatly into a pile. the thing that i am lazy about is clearing them from the top of my bed. i always procrastinate on that part, the reason being i don't know. maybe i'm just a freak that way.

i am excited with a new hobby i found online.... mooching books. mooching what? well it's actually a way of getting rid of my old unwanted books, giving it away to someone who's keen to read it and mooching those that i want from somebody else. cool huh? now how do i do that? well let me direct you to this site ( www.bookmooch.com ) to spare me the task of explaining to you all about bookmooching. i'm actually set to mail out 5 books tomorrow that i'm feeling generosity coursing through my veins. yay! i'm trying to be nice now specially since the holidays are coming.

i'm off to do some errands tomorrow. i'll have two more days off 'til i get back to work. lovely!

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