so sick

i am sick.

i was on a more than two weeks of hiatus from work. i took some requested days off and used up some of my PTO's so that i could spend some time going away on a long weekend with friends who came from the UK. in between our trip to toronto and driving to and from new jersey, i used up two of those days to renew my expired PALS (pediatric advance life support) certification. luckily i passed the course even without reading any of the course materials those ems guys provided. bringing that manual with me to my toronto vacation proved to be useless, because i never got around to reading it. how i passed the pactical exams, i have no idea.

so anyway, i am battling it out with the colds, a low grade fever and a scratchy throat. post nasal drips are my thing right now. i have gone through two boxes of kleenex in three days and am working on my third box as i type this. i am chugging bottles of water and switching from motrin and tylenol every 4 to 6 hours.

so how the hell did i got sick? well for starters, i didn't get much sleep on those how many days of vacation to canada, i was kinda tired with the drive to and from canada which dennis and i split. i spent the night before my PALS course taking pictures in liberty park not thinking of the very cold weather and then driving back home at 1 in the morning by myself hoping that i'd have a good night's sleep before my class. of course it didn't helped that the weather couldn't make up it's mind. one day it's so sunny and humid and warm, next day it would get so cold. i mean come on... the leaves are turning orange already, just get it on with the autumn weather for god's sake!

so yeah, i'm stuck with my lozenges, nyquils, dayquils and the vitamin c's that i only remember taking whenever i feel like i'm gonna be sick. bad nurse, i know!

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