floatin' like a cadillac...stingin' like a beamer

i got cancelled from work today...wooohooo! that means precious hours i could spend updating my blog, vaccumming (yeah! i'm so looking forward to doing this one), frying my brains in front of the tv and just plain bumming around. but i won't celebrate too much lest i get called in by the nursing supervisor in the middle of the night. please god, noooooo!

anyway, let me tell you the last thing i did for the first time. i went out and watched a movie by myself. yep, you heard it right...by myself. now, i've done this in pinas loads of times but not in these united states. so 3 days ago i had nothing better to do than sulk in the living room and watch those big ass mansions shown on mtv cribs when i realized i haven't seen a movie in weeks. so off i went to the theaters and watched the eight o'clock screening of cars and loved every minute of it. there i was, a 29 year old kid at heart with my nachos and soda, sitting in the middle of the movie theater surrounded by kids with their mom, kids with their dad, kids with their mom and dad among others. i definitely had fun being alone to say the least.

now on to the movie... cars like any other pixar movie was an eye candy with lovable characters like the hippie volkwagen van fillmore, the italian fiat luigi and his sidekick guido and of course who wouldn't love mater for his body? i mean...come on...he he he... watching this movie made me wish for cuervo (my CRV) to spring to life and have his own character and say those witty lines said in the movie. if that happens, i would have a heart attack.

ok, gotta get back to cleaning the apartment.



balikbayan_box said...

hehehe i watched yhis with my 4 yr old nephew on my day off hahaha

and youre right its really a fun movie!

nerie said...

inggit ako! i wish i had seen the movie with my pamangkin... it would've been more fun.

graham aiZam said...

speedy........:> but I don't watch this movie yet :p